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October 21 2013




The MOR course method provides a broader perspective on risks. It helps an organization recognize and address risks beyond the traditional type of risk usually considered, such as worker safety, tort liability, etc. MOR helps organizations engage everyone in deciding how to meet goals and where to deploy limited resources for the best outcome.

 The MOR course process is now used throughout the world in government and business settings. As to be expected with a widespread process, modifications have been adopted that make it receptive to individual organizations. MOR is flexible and should be adapted to the group using it for best results.

In conventional risk management, risk is defined as a negative outcome such as an injury, car accident, safety violation, audit finding, tort claim, workers compensation claim, lawsuit or other “failure.” MOR course defines risk more broadly as anything that could prevent the attainment of a goal. Risk is also generally understood as: (a) variation, (b) from the objective, (c) over time.

 This change in focus affects how risk is assessed and treated in MOR. It requires an organization to look beyond injury and accident rates to fundamental goals and to assess anything —good or bad, big or small — that could affect achieving goals.

 Successfully assessing and mitigating risk this way needs collaboration. It can’t be done by a risk manager working alone at a desk. Only the people who understand how a program or process works can sensibly and practically know what factors are likely to impact reaching the goal.

The goal of the MOR course is to make clear goals and lessen serious risks to meeting them. MOR is not concerned with looking for people to blame when things go wrong or when goals are not met. Individuals should know their contributions are vital and feel free to discuss potential risks in an open and blame-free environment. MOR works best in an atmosphere where people feel they are working together to attain something important.

In MOR course once the most important risk(s) are identified, the next task is to build up a plan to lessen or “treat” the risk(s). In MOR, you can:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Avoid (usually by discontinuing the activity)

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Accept and monitor (this should include setting a threshold to begin treatment)

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Reduce the likelihood

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Lessen the impact

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Transfer (generally through insurance or a contract)


MOR course includes the following:


<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Initiate – attain commitment to a sound risk management practice.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Plan – build up the risk management system (plans, processes, and tools) suited to the project or enterprise.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Execute – Install and begin using the risk management system.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Control – Measure and enhance risk management performance.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Close – Celebrate project success, capture lessons learned, and identify requirement for continued facilitation.


At the knowledge academy you can choose the course format that best suits your organization’s requirements. It has a variety of training formats available that will get you up and running in no time, helping you coach new users, implement new applications and study how to leverage advanced product functionality



October 18 2013

Master SQL training to take advantage of the popularity of databases and boost your career

Effective storage of information has always been a very basic requirement for businesses. Before the computer age, businessmen kept ledgers that listed in great detail the various transactions that were made. These ledgers were guarded very carefully and were always kept under lock and key. Thanks to the advances that technology has made, these ledgers have been replaced by computers which can easily store information contained in thousands of ledgers and save it on a device the size of your palm. Databases are, simply put, digital ledgers that keep extensive records, but they also offer several features that ledgers did not have. Databases allow you to arrange the information you store in them. And unlike ledgers, this arrangement can be done at any point of time and does not require you to create new databases. 
Effective management of confidential information has made databases a very popular tool at businesses and other organisations. They also offer a lot of security features which make it very difficult for anyone to gain unauthorised access to these records. Databases have become common at every office, and you will benefit greatly from becoming an expert database user. The ideal way to achieve expertise over databases is by undergoing SQL training. This training will help you learn SQL, which is a language used exclusively for handling databases.
Databases find wide application in the IT industry and here they are used for more than just maintaining business records. Software solutions and websites use database for a lot of things. These databases store any information which the user enters and save them for future use. Databases help these applications become dynamic and more useful, while at the same time make these applications a lot safer to use. Joining the SQL course will help you learn how to use databases more effectively in your various projects.
IT professionals should always make sure that they acquire SQL certification. It is a very useful skill that finds use in a number of scenarios. Databases are almost always used on servers and a lot of IT professionals have to work with these servers extensively. Joining SQL course is going to help you become highly accomplished at using any kind of database management system.  Skills like these are of great value when you are trying for a new job. Completing SQL training will allow you to greatly enhance your resume and will help you work on projects that use databases. You will be able to have a much more diverse job role and will become invaluable to your company.
For programs like SQL certification, where extensive practical sessions are needed in order to master the course, there is no training establishment better than The Knowledge Academy. They have a unique training structure for this program and they provide SQL training in a way that your total time spent in training will be split equally among theory and practice. The faculty that conducts training for the SQL course is made up of veteran database administrators and SQL experts, and they will make sure you master the SQL certification program completely.





After gaining some practical experience, data modelers encounter situations such as the enforcement of intricate business rules, dealing with existing databases or packaged applications, and various other issues. This highly participative Business Analysis training workshop provides approaches for many complex data modeling situations, as well as techniques for enhancing communication between data modelers and subject matter experts.


At the business analysis training the following topics will also be explored:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->The technical side of data modeling - getting better at modeling difficult situations

The human side of data modeling - enhancing processes and communication skills

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Developing and using data models in novel ways

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Develop the objectives and plan for a facilitated modeling or analysis session

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Prepare and deliver a presentation of potentially difficult models

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Draw on a range of facilitative techniques for handling difficult situations such as aggressive, monopolizing, or insensitive participants



Being a business analyst is not easy, and numerous common requirements definition methods don’t make it any easier. Required are techniques that are repeatable by analysts, comprehensible and relevant to business subject matter experts, and useful to designers and developers. They should also segregate the problem space into a reasonable number of perspectives, offer well-defined, progressive levels of detail, play well together, and be pragmatic enough that you can attain good results within your natural lifetime.

Business Analysis training workshop shows how to determine, document, and verify requirements using a petite number of business-friendly yet powerful modeling techniques – workflow models, use cases, service specifications, and data models. Each addresses one fundamental aspect of the problem space:

• What the business processes are, how they function now, and how they should work

• How the application should behave in support of the process and people working in it

• What the application should do in terms of validation, rules, functions, and record-keeping

• What data structures will support the process, the application, and the reporting requirements



Instead of textbook theory about what should work or what might work, business Analysis training workshop covers what actually works. You’ll get understandable methods, templates, guidelines, and tips to help you get quality results and maximize the participation of business subject matter experts. The techniques have been developed, refined, and established over years of real-world project experience. They’ve been used to support in-house development, offshore development, and package selection and implementation. Surprisingly, they’ve even been well-liked by the Agile teams, because they support “just enough” modeling to get into the ballpark and then let iterative development take over.






Business analysts, systems analysts, and developers modern, project leaders, architects, and methodologists needing to understand current business analysis techniques must undertake Business Analysis training.



The knowledge academy allows identifying the requirements of your employees and the objectives of the training program. Results, combined with input from organization’s representatives, contribute to the development of an employee and company training plan. The quality of their courses and expertise of instructors are the key features of the knowledge academy.


October 17 2013


Making your way through the project with the help of project management training

When you are working on the project then there are several stages that the project goes through like the project initiation, project planning, project execution then project control and closing.  The end of the project may be due to the contractual reason or the administrative reason. But in order to carry out the whole process of the project management you need to go through proper project management training so that the individual have the knowledge on how to carry out each step. The project management course will guide the individual to kick start the project efficiently. When you have a solid start to the project then it is expected the project will be meet its end successfully too so it is very essential to identify the need of the project and then study and analyze the scope.

The project management certification will help you in describing the product or service that is required and what all are the responsibilities that needs to be shared by the management. Even the selection of the project manager and charter drafting work comes under the project initiation. So when you are done with the project initiation you will have to move on to the next stage that is the project planning. Here you will have to plan the scope of the business, amount of resources that the organization possesses the maintenance of quality and also procurement planning is required. But to do the planning you first need to define what exactly the words like scope, resources, quality and procurement means and how you are going to use them in the project to optimize the organization’s benefits.

The project management course defines the activity, risk management, project plan development, schedule development, communication planning and organizational planning among others. The success of project majorly depends on the planning and then how you execute it. Why the planning is so important you will come to know once you go through the project management training. Planning is important but if you are not able to execute it properly then nothing can be achieved so once you are finish with planning then you will have to make sure that the execution is carried out effectively. While executing the project plan you have to keep in mind several things like verifying the scope and assuring that the quality will be maintained simultaneously observing the team development.

The project management certification is essential for selection of source and contract administration. The execution will be carried out perfectly only if you perform certain control over scope change, schedule, cost, quality and performance. You will come to know of the importance of applying this control when you will go through the project management training from The Knowledge Academy. You can rely on their training completely as they will be covering the full project management course to provide you with all relevant information which will help you to contribute towards successful completion of the project in your respective organization.

So make the most out of your project management certification by applying the knowledge of managing the time and cost and all other aspect of the project to make it a successful project.


Master the most comprehensive web development language in the world with PHP certification


Internet has become a major influence in the way business organisations plan their various sales and marketing strategies. Official websites serve as a great way for companies to announce new services, redress customer issues, and promote themselves to the general public. Professional web developers have been in high demand ever since businesses started taking an interest in their online presence.

Due to the popularity of PHP as a web development language, PHP developers have been in great demand and have become some of the highest paid developers in the world. Web developers who do not know PHP have been trying to learn this language in order to take advantage of this huge demand, and as a result a number of training institutes now offer PHP training.

The most popular PHP certification is currently provided by Zend, which is a leading PHP development organisation. They have created an extensive web development framework which used PHP and are well respected in the software developer community. When you take their certification exam and clear it, you are certified as a capable PHP developer and you are recognised as someone who will be able to complete any PHP project assigned to them.

The PHP course is very extensive and covers a lot of different areas of web development. You will learn not just to program in PHP, you will also learn how to integrate this work with apps and plugins that you create using other languages. You will master the art of creating highly dynamic and professional looking websites. The websites that you create for businesses and individuals will become very popular and will ensure that your services are always in great demand.

PHP training has become a very popular program for developers. It helps them provide superior services to their clients and gives them an opportunity to build a better career for themselves. Successfully completing the PHP course will allow you to gain expertise in this very powerful development language.

Several organisations have created very powerful frameworks and platforms using PHP and you will be able to create highly sophisticated websites using them. PHP allows complete responsiveness. This means that once you have attained PHP certification, you will be equipped with the skill to create websites that load perfectly on every device that can open a webpage. This is a highly demanded feature today, and you will be able to implement it in all your development projects.

The PHP course is very extensive and requires considerable time and effort to master. By joining a training institute for this program, you will have a much better chance at mastering this language. The Knowledge Academy should be an obvious choice for a program like PHP certification. They are famous for providing excellent training and are considered one of the best training establishments in the whole country for this program. You will receive PHP training from their elite trainers and they will help you cover every aspect of this language. You will benefit from their practice oriented training approach and will become a proficient PHP developer.



TOGAF reflects the structure and content of an architecture capability within an enterprise.

TOGAF covers the development of various related types of architecture. These various types of architecture are commonly accepted as subsets of an overall enterprise architecture, all of which TOGAF is intended to support.


Central to TOGAF is the Architecture Development Method (ADM), The architecture capability operates the method. The method is supported by a number of guidelines and techniques. This produces data to be stored in the repository, which is classified according to the Enterprise Continuum (documented in TOGAF, Part V). The repository is initially populated with the TOGAF Reference Model.

TOGAF embraces and extends this definition. In TOGAF, “architecture” has two meanings depending upon the context:

1. A proper description of a system, or a detailed plan of the system at a component level to guide its implementation

2. The structure and formation of components, their inter-relationships, and the principles and guidelines governing their design and evolution over time


The ADM is the major component of TOGAF course and provides guidance for architects on a number of levels:

• It provides a number of architecture development phases (Business Architecture, Information Systems Architectures, Technology Architecture) in a cycle, as a complete process template for architecture development activity.

• It provides description of each architecture phase, describing the phase in terms of objectives, approach, inputs, steps, and outputs. The inputs and outputs sections provide a definition of the architecture content structure and deliverables (a detailed description of the phase inputs and phase outputs is given in the Architecture Content Framework).

• It provides cross-phase summaries that envelop requirements management.


TOGAF course provides a number of guidelines and techniques to support the application of the ADM. The guidelines concentrate on adapting the ADM to deal with a number of usage scenarios, including various process styles (e.g., the use of iteration) and also particular specialty architectures (such as security). The techniques support specific tasks within the ADM (such as defining principles, business scenarios, gap analysis, migration planning, risk management, etc.)  TOGAF course also provides a model for structuring a virtual repository and provides methods for classifying architecture and solution artifacts, showing how the different types of artifacts develop, and how they can be leveraged and re-used. This is based on architectures and solutions (models, patterns, architecture descriptions, etc.) that exist within the enterprise and in the industry at large, and which the enterprise has collected for use in the development of its architectures.

It also includes a set of resources, guidelines, templates, background information, etc. provided to assist the architect establish an architecture practice within an organization.



As an independent supplier of training, the knowledge academy has the ability to quickly adapt to changing client needs by adopting state-of-the-industry development and delivery technology. This adaptive and agile nature has confirmed to be critical for survival in a technology driven world — where learners demand to consume training when and where they want (desktop or mobile) on the devices they choose to use.



The PMP Certification degree is the best when it comes to the management of the projects. Standing for Project Management Professional, the certification degree is premier in the management of the projects in companies. The Certification degree makes it simple for the professionals to gain a greater responsibility in their job! Also, when the professionals gain the certification degree, then they can prove to their boss that they can be entrusted with bigger and far complex projects.

When professionals earn their PMP Certification degree, then they can demonstrate their dedication to the job along with gaining bigger and better opportunities in the field of project management.

Professionals are not the only ones which can gain with the PMP Certification degree. The companies with professionals holding the certification degree ought to have a more disciplined and well knowledgeable workforce. Along with that, the PMP Certification degree is a credential that increases the worth of project management professionals in the world.

The PMP Certification degree leads to the creation of an efficient as well as projects with a greater project success rate in companies. Also, the certification degree leads the organizations to gain more prospective clients!

Being one of the most widely recognized degrees in the world, the PMP Certification recognizes the professionals for their formal study along with gaining a practical approach in the field of project management. Also, for gaining the PMP Certification degree, professionals need to have an equitable of the college degree in addition to three years of project management experience, 35 hours of formal project management training and passing the four hour long test which aims to test the competency of the professionals in the main principles of the certification degree. If professionals lack the college degree, then the alternative to opt for is to have five years of experience in the field of project management along with all the other pre requisites.

The PMP Certification degree is accredited by the PMI (Project Management Institute) and therefore, sets the base and knowledge for the professionals. The core text of the certification degree is the PMBOK guide for the gaining the entry level certification in the field. The PMP Certification degree covers all the skills relevant to the co ordination of multiple projects at a single time by the professionals!

Gaining the PMP Certification degree can come out to be the starting of a glorious future ahead in the field of project management by the professionals! So, what are you waiting for? Come to The Knowledge academy for your PMP Training and I am sure that you will be able to gain the basic skills and knowledge for the management of the projects in companies all over the world! So, take the pledge to be the best and win some of the best jobs of the world with the help of the PMP Training and Certification degree and be the best in the field of the running and management of projects now!

October 16 2013


Become an accomplished developer and attain expertise over JavaScript by joining the JavaScript course


The global penetration of high speed internet has made online businesses a very prominent part of a company’s portfolio. Internet has helped companies become very popular and gain customers in every part of the world. It provides new and unlikely sources of revenues to companies and helps expand their business tremendously. The setup cost for online business is also very little compared to the traditional market. There is little infrastructure cost involved and companies only have to pay for getting a website created and marketing it.

Small companies have benefited the most from the popularity of online business. They are able to offer their services to the world at just a little extra cost, and the potential for revenues is immense. A website that looks great and functions properly is a must for any company that wants to do business online. Customers get wary if an official company website is not built well. It reflects poorly on the services of the company. Web developers do everything in their power to design better websites, and JavaScript training is one of the most popular programs they are signing up for to improve the quality of their work.

JavaScript makes websites interactive and allows users to do a lot more on the website without having to constantly browse between different pages. Joining a JavaScript course will allow you to implement the highly useful features which JavaScript offers into your projects, and therefore create highly dynamic and interactive websites.

Businesses everywhere are increasingly demanding better websites for their organisations. The focus has shifted from beautiful looking websites, to highly functional websites. Developers are told to create simple to use websites that offer a lot of features and allow customers do a number of different things. JavaScript allows integration of services and helps developers create services which look highly fluid and functional. Developers who have obtained their JavaScript certification are in great demand.

JavaScript course is now one of the most applied for program among developers. JavaScript training will help you develop websites exactly the way your clients want you to. This will help you get a lot of new business and will allow you to become highly successful. Software development companies are setting up web development wings and attaining JavaScript certification will help you get a great job there. You may even get to head the department if you have the requisite experience. 

The Knowledge Academy offers JavaScript training to developers and has quickly built a reputation for this program. The JavaScript that they conduct is considered the best in the country. Enrolling with them for JavaScript certification program will ensure that you receive this training from qualified trainers. The Knowledge Academy has a faculty comprised of distinguished industry experts who have considerable experience of working for leading IT companies. You will also benefit from their additional services like online classes, and great study material packages which cover every key topic in the program. These seasoned trainers will ensure that you master the JavaScript course and become a better and more successful developer.





In the past, organizations have made major investments of resources and time in maturing their Enterprise Architecture, Project Management and IT Service Management capabilities. These investments have enhanced the maturity of an individual capability but the improved maturity has failed to translate into:


• Enhancement in the time and cost to plan capability improvement program. An increase in the number of projects that are delivered on-time, on-budget and meet their prescribed scope

• Enhancement in the number of realized business outcomes from transitioned capabilities

• Enhancement in senior management's ability to effectively govern the investment programs


Enterprise architecture is a design that shows the rationality between products, processes, organisation, information supply and infrastructure, based on a vision and definite explicit starting points, principles and preferences


Thus a well-designed, correctly planned and successfully implemented Enterprise Data

Architecture like TOGAF courses offers the following benefits to an organisation:


<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->enhanced ability to respond to new business demands

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->enhanced ability to introduce new technology

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Greater business value from IT operations

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Faster, simpler, cheaper procurement

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->quicker time-to-market

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·<!--[endif]-->


Certification from The Open Group provides clients with assurance that products and services conform to open standards. IT customer organisations, who wish to base their enterprise architecture work on the open, industry standard of TOGAF, will be able to obtain tools, training, and professional services on the basis of certified conformance with the TOGAF standards. This fast-track course is intended to enable students to plan and create Solution Architectures for TOGAF product. Business analysts, project architects, portfolio planners, and key stakeholders learn how to use Architect templates for TOGAF web portal to view and centrally manage the key artifacts required by TOGAF, which is the leading Enterprise Architecture methodology. The course also follows the TOGAF 9.1 Architecture Development Method. Also TOGAF can be tailored to be used jointly with

other architecture and project frameworks and methods.



The knowledge academy continually updates its own expertise in architecture methods, frameworks, and supporting tools. Its dedication and expertise enables to help its clients overcome the most difficult undertakings in project management, EA, business analysis, and strategic planning


Data & information professionals; including Enterprise Architects, Data Analysts,

Business Analysts and Information Managers who will be accountable for developing and maintaining information systems architecture must take TOGAF training courses for improved efficiency in their work. The knowledge academy’s varied experience coupled with his education in both business and information technology spheres have provided the basis for their enterprise architecture expertise.

Attendees obtain high quality printed notes, including presentation slides, case study materials and assignments. Selected sample solutions are also provided. A reference CD is provided with electronic copies of TOGAF Reference material and self study guides for both certification level examinations. These guides are accepted by the Open Group.

A further CD is provided with links, references and further reading material as well as an evaluation copy of its complete TOGAF certified EA Modelling toolset.











The PMP Certification Exam has helped changed lives over the course of the past couple of years. Professionals all over the world have been able to get some of the best jobs due to the PMP Certification degree. The Certification exam, based on the PMBOK guide is extensive and makes the professionals ready to implement the theoretical concepts of project management into the real life environment in companies all over the world.

The PMP Certification Exam is made available to the project management professionals globally by the PMI (Project Management Institute). The PMI comes out to be the large body for the project management all over the world, and therefore, provides the companies and professionals with the comprehensive yet, standard based system for project management. Project management professionals use the PMP Certification degree in order to better align themselves with the best practices in companies all over the world. The Certification degree is accredited against the internationally recognized ISO 17024 standards.

The PMP Certification degree brings in the use of the delineation study in order to pave the way for the identification of the knowledge, tasks and the skills which are required in order to get the role of the project manager under the way. Not only that, the certification degree provides the professionals with the tools and skills for defining of the role in the leading and direction of projects. The professionals are able to use their experience as well as the resources for the completion of the projects within the constraints of time.

The latest change in the PMP Certification Exam has brought out the reduction of the six domains to just five. Also, the distribution of the five domains too has been altered. The total number of questions to be attempted by the professionals will be 200. In addition to that, there will be 25 pre test questions to be answered, which will not be accounted for, in the final score of the exam. The success of the professionals in clearing the certification exam will be totally dependent on the ability to answer 175 questions out of 200 totals.

The questions are meant to check the proficiency of the professionals in the tasks, knowledge, skills as well as tools for the project management. Also, professionals are supposed to answer the cross cutting knowledge and skill based questions for the management of multiple tasks and domains at the same time.

Today, more than 3 million professionals all over the world hold the PMP Certification degree and are practicing it in their companies. When professionals gain the certification degree, then they come out to be a more favourable candidate as compared to their counterparts and therefore, have a better chance of getting some of the best jobs!

So, come out to The Knowledge Academy for your PMP Training right now and we are going to make sure that you are able to clear your certification degree exam and be the best!


October 15 2013


 Become one of the best web developer in the world with PHP certification


Website development has completely changed ever since PHP was first introduced. No longer do we create static websites that had loading problems when viewed using different browsers, nor do we have extremely heavy websites that take forever to load completely. PHP has made web development dynamic.  Now a website loads on a browser after first analysing which browser it is. The same website can be optimised for a hundred different devices and will always load in a way that it looks the best on that device.

Mastering PHP will ensure that you are able to create highly optimised websites for your company. You will quickly become a lead developer for your organisation and will be responsible for managing every aspect of website designing projects that your company obtains. Developers who are looking for a job will find that PHP certification makes them eligible for a number of development jobs in several top companies.

These days PHP training is sponsored by software development companies for all its web development employees and has helped these companies bring their work quality to a whole new level. Two thirds of all the websites being made today are using PHP. When you consider the fact that a billion websites are created or updated every year, PHP is generating enormous sources of employment and anyone who can develop using PHP will most definitely find a good job in this area.

The PHP course has quickly become a very popular program among web developers. Development work using PHP has reached such levels that entire content management systems now exist that have been created using PHP. Undergoing PHP training will allow you to exploit this immense possibility and will help you become a highly successful developer. PHP certification will ensure that you are capable of accepting and successfully carrying out any kind of PHP based project that your company is awarded. You will become a master at PHP development and will lead your company and yourself to great success.

Websites today have today highly advanced and offer radical new features. Visually rich and clean interfaces hide superb functionality and are able to performing a great deal of tasks with just a few clicks of a mouse.  Joining the PHP course will help you acquire the ability to create similar websites. The skills that this course imparts you will help you become an industry expert and will allow you to gain international recognition.

The Knowledge Academy offers PHP training to potential developers and will help you master this very useful and immensely powerful language. They have a highly capable group of trainers who work for them and provide training for the PHP course. You will become a very successful programmer once you have mastered this program and the trainers at The Knowledge Academy will do everything in their power to ensure that you are able to attain PHP certification in the shortest amount of time possible. By mastering this program will allow you a chance to become a very capable developer and will help you reach great heights of success.

COBIT Training
To ensure that the business requirements for information are being met, an organization needs to define and implement adequate control measures. Otherwise, it will not be possible for it to make certain that the information that it gets matches the characteristics of what it requires. This is exactly where the necessity of a sound framework of IT control objectives occurs. The COBIT Framework can effectively address this need. COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology, which has been created by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) for efficient IT management and IT governance. It has become an in effect measure for IT governance, IT risk management, IT controls and compliance across the world. 
For successful implementation of the COBIT Framework, an organization solicits the services of a workforce that has undergone the requisite training in COBIT. Therefore, an organization is required to let its workforce undergo the COBIT Training from a reputed training institution. The Knowledge Academy, UK can certainly be contacted to avail the facilities pertaining to the COBIT Training. It is a global organization having a widespread training channel in different locations across the globe. It has been in this field for many years and has made a significant contribution in creating competent IT leaders and IT managers. The Knowledge Academy has got a high-tech training infrastructure and seasoned trainers in place to make certain that the candidates develop a profound understanding of the COBIT Framework. 
In view of the ongoing changes taking place in the field of IT, the COBIT Framework acts as a cornerstone for effective progress within the same. Factually, COBIT is an evolutionary framework derived from the research work conducted by International IT, business, risk, security and assurance professionals for 15 years. COBIT is the perfect prototype of what an IT governance and management framework should be. The first edition of COBIT was released in the year 1996. With some additions, its second edition was released in the year 1998. It was followed by the launch of its third version that took place in the year 2000. The fourth edition of COBIT has been quite popular across the world, which was initially released in 2005. However, in the year 2007, the fourth edition of COBIT was revised and was introduced as COBIT 4.1. The latest update in COBIT was made in the year 2012 with the release of its fifth version that is COBIT 5.
The implementation of the COBIT 5 Framework through the COBIT Training will help the organizations attain an increased level of security and control. The COBIT 5 framework also facilitates the development of a business-focused IT function, helping the organizations to make better IT decisions. To initiate the process of COBIT Training, the candidates are advised to get into the COBIT Foundation program. It is a three day program that helps the candidates to learn about the need for an IT governance framework and how COBIT addresses this need. The said program also enables the candidates to start the process of the implementation of COBIT in an appropriate manner.


Lean training – Providing a vital certification

The Lean training program is considered to be very important, since, there are several vital, but unfamiliar concepts, which needs to be learnt and implemented in the business. These days, the Lean program is not only applied in the manufacturing business, but also in the service sector for gaining success in a short period of time. The Lean is an effective program that can be learnt by employees in different levels and is not restricted to a section of the employees. Even the management would find the Lean program essential to undergo, since it helps them to understand the business in a better way and to take vital decisions that would be in the interest of the organization.  

It is the Lean Certification that would help the professionals to use the latest management techniques and tools that would be essential to implement in the business for achieving the desired results. Without its implementation, it would be impossible for the organization to make a shift to the present working style that is essential for the smooth functioning of the business and to get the desired results. Moreover, with competition increasing at a faster pace, it is important for the professionals to implement the right strategies, so that the best results are derived in a short time and the organization gains its objectives and goals easily and effectively.

However, it is essential for the candidates to ensure that they receive the Lean course from a reputed institution like The Knowledge Academy only, since it is a comprehensive program and if not learnt appropriately, the desired results cannot be obtained. Also, a good institute is sure to provide the candidates with the relevant skills and expertise that would be required by them to work in the domain and to cover the lean concepts, which would be required for implementing in the business, according to the requirements. Also, the candidates need to go through the details of the Lean Certification program and be clear about the Lean concept, which would make them knowledgeable and most demanded in the business.

Most corporate have started to introduce the advanced Lean training program into their business and have asked all levels of the employees to undergo this program. The end result is that the employees on the successful completion of the Lean course not only gain the much coveted certification, but also are able to meet the expectations of the management by implementing the right techniques and strategies in the business. As a matter of fact, the candidates having completed the Lean training program and possessing a valid certification are provided with plenty of opportunities and be in great demand in the job market. It is by receiving the Lean Certification that the individuals are able to improve on their confidence and use the relevant techniques and tools that is sure to make the business to remove wastages and unnecessary expenses and improve performance and overall efficiency, which is required by every business to develop and out beat competition.



PRINCE2 – Projects in a Controlled Environment, comes out to be a systematic approach towards project management ad therefore, contains a series of high level processes and steps in order to plan, implement, control as well as review the project. It goes in for the creation of a well structures as well as clearly described environment in order to cater to the needs of the clients all over the world. Being a globally accredited certification degree and standard for project planning as well as implementation, the certification degree comes out to make sure that professionals have a flexible as well as adaptable approach in order to suit the needs and generic requirements as well as address the business needs of the clients.

The main purpose of the PRINCE2 Certification degree is to make sure that companies are able to design a framework in order to manage the projects in a controlled environment.

A lot of companies all over the world have implemented, used and tested the PRINCE2 approach towards project management since the 1980’s. The project management methodology which has been embodied by the PRINCE2 Certification degree contains the modules for project planning as well as the implementation in order to provide the companies with a complete as well as a logical set of principle processes. These processes come out to cater the significant aspects such as Business problem, requirements quality, time management as well as the HR management in organizations. Thus, with the PRINCE2 implementation, the business case comes out to drive the implementation process through guiding the team with project justification.

Since the PRINCE2 methodology as non propitiatory it can be used by companies all over the world. Being easy to learn, organizations can deploy this technique in order to use the quality review technique for the controlling of the main project resources in companies. Also, with the deployment of the method, the professionals can gain a better system of resource utilization.

For the professionals who are interested in the PRINCE2 Certification degree, going in for the Foundation as well as the Practitioner Certification degree is the starting of the process. Going in for the Foundation Certification degree is for the fresher’s in the course and is requisite in order to gain the proficiency about the main processes, terminologies as well as the systems of project management. On the other hand, for the Practitioner Certification degree, getting the former is a pre requisite!

Therefore, now is the time for the companies and professionals to go into the better and effective project management with the ways of the PRINCE2 Training! So, come out to The Knowledge Academy for your PRINCE2 Training. In the training session, you will be made acquainted with the key processes of the project management and therefore, you will be able to gain the proficiency in the effective project management using the certification degree! Also, the training session is going to make you better able to clear your certification degree exam and win the certification degree!

October 14 2013




Agile training course is intended to help you develop the knowledge and skills essential to work on a project using the Agile Project Management method. By passing the exam included in the course, you would attain the Agile Project Management Foundation qualification.


The Agile Project Management method is based on the DSDM Atern Agile method. It encourages you to perform project work iteratively and incrementally, with every step building on the results of preceding steps. It identifies not just the authority of the project manager, but also the need for teamwork and collaboration, rather than relying on the traditional ‘command and control’ style of project management. It can be used alongside the

PRINCE2 project management method, if needed.

This course is designed to spend 25% of the time on “what” and “why” behind agile and 75% on “how” you can actually start using it on your team tomorrow. If you’re interested in learning actual world techniques used by dozens of teams then this course is for you. Agile training course will walk you through an end to end lifecycle agile project journey from release planning all the way to production release using a sample project or your own.



Agile training course covers the following topics:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Agile Project Management principles, idea, and benefits

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Preparing for successful Agile projects

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Framework and lifecycle, including lifecycle configuration

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Management, business, and technical products

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Roles and responsibilities, team composition, and communication

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Time boxing

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Facilitated workshops

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Iterative development

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Modelling

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Planning, control, and risk

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Estimating and measuring

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Quality

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Maintainability and scalability

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Implementing Agile Project Management

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Exam training and preparation



Agile training curriculum is amazingly comprehensive covering the entire life cycle, from Agile portfolio management to delivering projects with SCRUM. It provides an overview of the major concepts associated with Agile, Lean and SCRUM in the leadership capacity and delivers a strategic view of how to convert your organization to high performance.


Attendees would also study to implement Agile and SCRUM into your projects. The course covers each step of the Agile project life cycle and offers examples, best practices, tips and tricks taken from successful implementations of Agile and SCRUM in Fortune 500 companies. Agile training also focuses on the process of requirements gathering in an Agile environment. It also provides tools and techniques to record, gather and sort out information.


The knowledge academy helps build effectiveness and skills for its clients as a means to impact the business bottom line; by releasing high-quality software faster, by maximizing people performance, and by enabling innovation. Its trainers are dynamic consultants; they therefore conduct training with real-life cases and simulations. The knowledge academy possesses the expertise and experience to execute customized agile methods. It works worldwide and has experience in harmonizing new changes with a given cultural setting.











Learn SQL to become a better database administrator by joining the SQL course


There are several advantages of mastering database administration. It is an established profession and will help you lead a very successful professional life. Databases are being used extensively in a lot of domains. Any time some data has to be stored securely and in an orderly fashion, databases are the first thing that comes to mind. Knowing how to use them will allow you to become a better IT professional.

SQL training is essential to master effective database administration. Anyone who wants to work on databases as a part of his profession should consider joining the SQL course. Knowing this language will ensure that you are able to handle complex databases more effectively. You will also be able to handle any brand of database management software.

It is hard to imagine life before databases were created. They have made record keeping an immensely simple task. Before databases were invented, even the most basic database that a business maintains would have required several room full of space to store the paper records. Organising and finding data was a major hassle and databases have helped resolve this problem. SQL certification will help you use the more advanced features of a database. It will make you more efficient and you will be able to perform a lot of routine tasks a lot more effectively and in a shorter amount of time.

If you work in the IT industry, SQL training will help you no matter what your job role is. Databases find application in a lot of services and you will be become better at using them once you have undergone this training. You will also avoid making careless mistakes that may accidentally corrupt the whole database. Any company that uses databases extensively encourages all its employees to get SQL certification. This helps improve the efficiency of these employees and helps them perform their regular jobs a little faster.

Joining a SQL course will help you become better at managing databases. This course is popular among a lot IT professionals. Website and software developers have also benefited from joining this course and have mastered databases to create extensive services. Knowing how to properly use a database is a very useful skill and you will find application for this skill on several occasions. You will be able to find a good job with the help of this training. It is a useful skill that will help you when you apply for a job at any company.

The Knowledge Academy conducts one of the best SQL training program in the entire UK. SQL is a very easy language to learn but it requires immense practice to master. The Knowledge Academy is renowned for employing only the best trainers. You will be able to benefit from the guidance of these highly capable trainers and will master the SQL course.  The Knowledge Academy will ensure that you master SQL certification and become proficient at using all kinds of databases once you are done training with them and you will enjoy the growth in your career that learning a new skill brings you in the IT industry.


Get a great starting job in the IT industry with MCITP certification


Finding a good starting job is hard enough in today’s world, and in IT industry it becomes even harder because of the increasingly common policy that most companies have adopted which encourages hiring of candidates who have prior work experience. It is hard to find a job when every company wants to avoid hiring professionals who have little to no experience of working in the industry. MCITP training will help you surpass this hurdle and will provide you with the necessary abilities that will help you get employed.

Joining the MCITP course will help you master essential Microsoft technologies that are popular in IT companies. Gaining expertise in these technologies will ensure that you are able to do all the work related tasks that someone with work experience will be able to. This will help you get employed more easily and you will quickly become a capable IT professional.

MCITP training is a premier Microsoft program and is recognised by every IT company in the world. The program was created with the intention of training IT professionals and transforming them into highly capable individuals and it has succeeded in its aim.

Businesses have relied on Microsoft’s enterprise services and have always received the very best services. MCITP certification is an extension of this mutually beneficial relationship. The course helps create skilled IT professionals who help companies perform better. The companies continue their patronage of Microsoft, and anyone who undergoes this training is assured a great career. It is the perfect way and helps all concerned parties.

Joining the MCITP course will help you master highly useful services, which are used by employees of an IT company daily. This expertise over Microsoft services will allow you to become a lot more productive. You will learn how to complete all the tasks that you are given in a quick and timely manner and your performance will improve significantly.

IT professionals have to always perform at the top of their abilities in order to stay competitive. There is no dearth of people eager to replace you, and it is wise to not give them any opportunity to do so. Attaining MCITP certification will help you advance your career to the next level. You will out-perform your co-workers and will become a very valuable employee to your company. The certification will help you obtain a significant rise in your salary and you will be able to get a better job role as well.

If you want to be assured of getting a great MCITP training experience, The Knowledge Academy is the only institute that will guarantee you outstanding training at the hands of highly capable trainers. They conduct an extraordinary MCITP course and have been providing excellent training for this program for many years. Joining The Knowledge Academy for the MCITP certification program will ensure that you get the very best training in the country. You will master the advanced technologies covered in this course in the least amount of time possible and will become an outstanding IT professional.


PMP Training

Often the projects being undertaken within an organization go out of control. The loss of control over the projects in any respects either budget or the schedule will have to be catered for with utmost conscientiousness and commitment or else, they would lead to a disaster. Regaining control over the project at the outset requires that all the tasks and activities concerning it should be reviewed. The next step comes in the form of reaffirming the project objective. Carrying out this activity confirms precise articulation of the same. Once a review has been performed, it is imperative to discard the previous plan and re-plan the proceedings concerning a project and carry out the activities as per the new plan with utmost efficiency. Following these points, a project can be brought under control to a large extent.

However, the deployment of professionally trained executives is also essential to keep the projects under control and confirm their success. To that effect, a company is required to let its workforce undergo the PMP Training program. The Knowledge Academy, UK is a recommended outlet to avail the facilities pertaining to the PMP Training. The Knowledge Academy is a multinational organization having a widespread training network in different parts of the world. The celebrated institution promises attention to the specific needs of the learners and ascertains a hassle-free accreditation route for them in the discipline concerned.

PMP (Project Management Professional) is a highly-regarded career designation all across the world. It is a distinct qualification as it has been certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In the year 1984, the Project Management Institute (PMI) launched a professional exam-based certification program to endorse the project management profession and the people involved within across the world. The PMI certification program confirms career advancement coupled with professional growth for the candidates. It also has the distinction of being the first certification program in the world to have achieved the ISO recognition, which makes it immensely special and a trademark of having competence in the PM domain.

Probably, this is the reason why the candidates who have undergone the PMP Training are trusted upon across the world and are hired without hesitance. These candidates demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the concepts such as risk management, resource management, strategic planning, and resourceful problem solving and change management, etc. and play crucial roles in the development, execution and completion of the business projects.

To brighten their career prospects, the candidates are required to get certified as Project Management Professionals. For that purpose, they have to pass the PMP Certification exam. The PMP Course is important to be taken into consideration for effective preparation of the certification exam. However, to obtain the PMP Certification, the candidates are required to meet with some formal requirements such as having a practical experience in leading and directing the projects and basic education in the subjects such as economics, communication, human resources, etc.

The candidates not wishing to disturb their current job schedule can get into the PMP Online Training. The said program is fairly affordable and beneficial by all means.


Lean course for increasing the efficiency of the business

The Lean Certification program, when applied in the right manner in the business is sure to provide the organization with high efficiency and lead it towards achieving its objectives and goals within a short period of time. Moreover, with the Lean program in place, it is quite easy for the organizations to perform better in the industry. As a matter of fact, the organizations that have implemented the Lean program are to be leading in the industry and able to satisfy the requirements of the clients in an easier way. This is because, of the successful implementation of the Lean program and the hiring of qualified professionals who have successfully completed the advanced Lean training program from reputed institutions such as The Knowledge Academy.

The knowledge gained from the Lean course is sure to place the candidates in key positions and help them to achieve the targets set to them by the higher management.  Moreover, they are also able to ensure that the organization is devoid of all issues and problems that normally are known to pull down the business. However, in order to get the most from the Lean program, there is a genuine need for qualified professionals, who have undergone the rigorous and comprehensive Lean training program and have learnt all the necessary skills and techniques imparted by it. Only then would they be in a position to guide the business to implementing the Lean management system and get success. The Lean is not necessarily implemented only during the lean period or at the time of recession. Rather, the organization that has implemented it permanently has seen better success than others and has been way ahead of competition. This is what makes the Lean Certification program all the more demanding among organizations of all sizes, across the globe. This has automatically led to a huge number of professionals, which means more jobs for professionals with better pay packages. This in turn has increased the number of training centers that has been authorized to efficiently create professionals who would be able to meet the demands of the business and that of the clients in the best possible manner.

It is the Lean course increases the level of efficiency of the professional and helps him to guide the organization to achieving a Lean strategy that would suit its business. Not only will they be in a position to provide assistance, but also help it to grow in leaps and bounds. This is what makes the Lean professional highly demanded in the job market. At the same time, the Lean training program also ensures that the professionals understand the requirements of the business thoroughly and to remove the wastes and unnecessary expenditures, which has been for long hampering the business and its productivity. Hence, the Lean program can be termed to be a wonderful management program, on the successful implementation of which, the organizations can enjoy a long period of uninterrupted success and remain ahead in competition. Hence, the demand for Lean Certification has been increasing on a global scale.



The Six Sigma Certification degree was developed for the first time by Bill Smith at Motorola in the year 1986. Back then, the certification degree was created to be an innovative quality improvement method. The term Six Sigma was taken from the field of statistics and was known as the process capability. The term Six Sigma has come out to be referred to the field of the manufacturing processes in order to help the companies to produce a very high proportion of output within the specification given by the clients. Also, the certification degree helps the companies to gain the long term defect levels below the point of 36.4 defects per million opportunities. The certification degree’s main goals are to make sure that the overall processes of the project management are improved in order to create better quality products for the companies.

The Six Sigma Certification degree contains of both technical as well as management components. While the latter goes out to use the management system in order to line the right projects and then match them with the right professionals, it also focuses on getting the correct goals, processes and metrics in order to ensure the successful completion of the projects and their sustainability over the time.

The former process goes out to make sure that professionals are able to enhance the process performance by incorporating the use of the data process, statistical analysis and methods into the framework. Six Sigma Certification degrees uses the main methodologies such as the DMAIC approach – Define, Measure, Approach, Improve and Control.

Define approach goes out to define the process improvement goals and then keep them constant with the consistent demands of the clients and the company’s strategy. Measure attains the key aspects of the current processes under the way and then collects the relevant data to attain the wanted results by the company.

The Analysation of the data contains the verification of the cause and effect relationship in the projects. This is to make sure that all the possible factors are involved in the projects. With the improving and optimization of the process using the data analysis features by incorporating the processes of the Design of Experience or using observational study method. Getting the control measures ensure that the projects are not facing any deviations and thus, can be corrected of the defects, if any in the developmental phase.

With these steps in the phase of project management the Six Sigma Certification degree establishes the process capability and then continuously monitors the processes from time to time.

Getting the Six Sigma Certification degree is going to take you places! With the proper management of the projects, the Six Sigma Certification degree comes out to help the professionals get some of the best jobs all over the world! So, take the offer and come out to The Knowledge Academy in order to gain your Six Sigma Training and win your certification degree and chance to work in multinationals globally!


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