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October 11 2013





TOGAF is developed and maintained by The Open Group Architecture Forum. The primary version of TOGAF, developed in 1995, was based on the US Department of Defence Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management. Starting from this sound establishment, The Open Group Architecture Forum has developed successive versions of TOGAF at usual intervals and published each one on The Open Group public web site. TOGAF 9.1 is a maintenance update to TOGAF 9, addressing comments raised since the introduction of TOGAF 9 in 2009. TOGAF can be used for developing a wide range of various enterprise architectures. TOGAF complements, and can be used jointly with, other frameworks that are more focused on particular deliverables for certain vertical sectors.


TOGAF course states that an ‘Enterprise’ is any collection of organisations recognizable by a common set of goals.

The architecture of an enterprise is defined as the essential basic organization of that enterprise, embodied in its components, their relationships within the environment, and the principles governing their design and evolution.

As the formal description of the enterprise it is the properly organized and comprehensive plan of the components of the enterprise. TOGAF considers four essential domains of architecture across that plan: Business, Data, Applications and Technology.

TOGAF training components includes:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->The Architecture Development Method (ADM)

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Architecture building blocks and patterns

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Architecture Repository

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->TOGAF Content Framework and Metamodel

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Selecting Architecture tool-sets

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Stakeholder Management  

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Opportunities and Solutions

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Migration Planning and Governance

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Architecture Partitioning, Iterations and Levels

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Adapting the ADM – SOA and Security

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Capability Maturity Models and Skills Framework

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Principles based Governance of Enterprise Architecture

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Architecture Implementation Support Techniques

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Business, data, application and technology architecture Artefacts

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Case Study

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Exam technique

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Practice Examination Questions

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·<!--[endif]-->

TOGAFexplores the use and effectiveness of EA models to describe an organization and examines model‐based products as tools to sustain, influence, and enable organizational planning, and decision‐making. TOGAF certification course now seeks to complement your TOGAF skill set by providing further training in the areas of architecture capability development and strategic intervention. It seeks to elaborate further on the field of enterprise planning, i.e. Business Planning through EA, Business analytics and Business Intelligence

TOGAF training helps individual become an effective professional enterprise architect as well as an innovative strategic thinker with an understanding of applied organizational development, business process operations, strategic planning, governance, engineering R&D, business continuity, risk management, finance and related topics related to the views of the business and technology stakeholders. Also helps enterprise architect have expertise with the wide range of methods pertinent to building performance measures and as well business, information, application and technical models. The certification process validates the enterprise architect’s knowledge, skills, and competencies.

TOGAF training thus promotes the professional status of enterprise architects and works to make sure the legitimacy of the profession by distinguishing it from other professions.




Whilst we may spend time and energy building our organisation and the roles necessary for service management, it is also important to make sure that the Change Project used to build this is done properly and effectively. In many cases, failed projects are due to poor project management, lack of resources, impractical planning, poor communications etc, rather than any inability to define processes and implement systems.


Projects have become a main-stay of how organizations deal with critical issues. So it invariably stands to reason that everyone requires understanding how to manage projects.


And fortunately, Prince2 certification course, extensively accepted helps in:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Organizing and controlling your project work through things like a Work Breakdown Structure, Organizational Breakdown Structure and Control Accounts.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Integrating your schedule and budget into a baseline by which performance can be measured.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Defining project deliverables and milestones for assessing your progress



At the heart of project management is project planning. Prince2 training helps managers achieve project plans which include:

1. Mission, Purpose and Goals

2. Work Breakdown Structure, describing the work that must get done

3. Work Schedule in terms of a time frame

4. Detail Budget covering all expected costs to be incurred

5. Quality Control process

6. Risk Management process

7. Change control process


Critical thinking should be an integral component of the skill sets required by managers and supervisors. It is reasonable, reflective thinking that will assist us in extracting and integrating discreet pieces of information in order to make effective decisions. Prince2 training seminar will help participants in analyzing the different styles of thinking and in distinguishing the elements in the critical thinking process. It will emphasize on how critical thinking can be applied to workplace issues and challenges and how to sharpen these skills for more effective explorations of problems, the search for alternative solutions, consideration of consequences, and establishment of action plans.

Prince2 training would help:


<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Follow a planned model in the critical thinking process

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Discover your own thinking style preferences

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->construct a framework for analyzing the “big picture”

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Determine how to find out what you don’t know

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Analyze the effectiveness and consequences of decisions

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Come to improved conclusions by knowing that you have “thought of everything”

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Influence and persuade others with your rationale

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·<!--[endif]-->


Prince2 certification course will also address the unique challenges faced by team members and team leaders in dealing with dissimilar work styles and communication needs. It will assist in confronting and effectively addressing team and work group conflicts.

The knowledge academy will provide the opportunity to develop one’s own career path — maximizing my strengths, broadening my responsibilities and enhancing my leadership abilities. Through the different associate development programs offered and guidance from senior management, employees have the opportunity to pursue the career of their choice

With a demonstrated commitment to continuous quality improvement, the knowledge academy produces sound, innovative training and support solutions that fulfil client training requirements effectively


Sharepoint Certification – Empowering professionals with special powers

Data management and document handling are vital aspects that cannot be avoided or neglected by any business. It is very much essential for the professionals to handle them in a proper manner and to organize them, so that it can be used in the future as references and help the management to come to important decisions and conclusions. Hence, there is undoubtedly an urgent need to implement advanced IT programs like the Sharepoint Certification, which when applied is sure to empower the professionals with special powers and train them accordingly to meet the requirements of the business in an effective and efficient manner.

It is the Sharepoint training acquired from the reputed institutes like The Knowledge Academy that the individual is empowered with knowledge that would be required by them to work in an organization and to provide the necessary expertise for the sure success of the business. With the training from Sharepoint, the candidates are able to share files and documents smoothly with each other. Irrespective of the place that they are located, the employees can share the Sharepoint documents without much effort, including confidential files and sensitive documents with much ease and in a secure manner. However, to achieve this, it is quite important for the individuals to understand that they need to know all about the Sharepoint course and the different topics covered in it. This would ensure that they are adequately prepared to meet the challenges and know how to use the techniques and tools to their favor and get the best out of this program.

With the Sharepoint training program and application in place, the candidates can update and download the share documents that would also assist in the smooth access to information and documents across the establishment. A good thing about the Sharepoint program is that it is quite easy to integrate with almost all Microsoft products and solutions. In order to achieve this, the candidates do require a good amount of knowledge and this is something that can be learnt from the Sharepoint course. One important and appealing benefit derived from the Sharepoint program is the fact that this application is easy to use and integrate with the different Microsoft products that might be essential at some point of time. This will unify the entire process of reviewing, editing and modifying the different types of documents that are shared by all the employees.

Employees associated with a big organization would be aware that there are thousands of employees working along with them. Hence, there might be a requirement where the candidates need to work on the same file that has been worked by the other or vice versa. It is the Sharepoint Certification program, when implemented in the business can assist the organization to search for important and relevant files, documents, employee or a group of employees working on it, which would make the entire system highly organized and bring in the best results to the business, efficiently and in the most effective manner.

October 10 2013





Enterprise architecture is a vital component of any company’s IT strategy.

Enterprise architects map the way that technology and information help company attain its current and future business goals. To achieve this, they define, evaluate, and document a holistic view of the structure and operation of the enterprise—from business processes to the information, applications, and technological infrastructure that support them

TOGAF training would assist architects produce strategic and solution-specific architectures used by all chief IT projects at their organizations. They partner with IT strategic planning, engineering, and operations groups to deliver solutions based on this enterprise architecture.

It would assist company’s IT and business groups transition from present to future technology.

They would be able to define a blueprint of the existing state, focus on the areas most affected by anticipated changes, and then define a blueprint for the future. Because architecture can be used across multiple IT projects, it helps drive technology reuse, which results in efficiency benefits and cost savings.



TOGAF training would help:


<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Ensure that everyone is committed to the success of the architectural process

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Define the architecture principles that will inform any architecture work

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Define the "architecture footprint" for the business

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Define the scope and assumptions

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Define the structure and detailed methodologies that are going to be used to develop enterprise architectures in the organization

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Set up and monitor a process (normally including a pilot project) to confirm the fitness-for-purpose of the defined framework

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Define a set of criterion for adopting architecture and repository management processes to be used to capture, publish, and maintain architecture artifact

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Understand the major characterstics of Enterprise Architects

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Organize your Architecture projects using the Project Browser

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Use architecturally significant Views and Models

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Use the Enterprise Architect Toolbox successfully

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Use the Enterprise Architect Project Browser successfully

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Use the Enterprise Architect TOGAF Repository

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Ensure TOGAF and Modeling Best Practices




TOGAF training also defines what is in and what is outside the scope of the architecture effort and the controls that must be dealt with. Scoping decisions need to be made on the basis of a practical evaluation of resource and competence availability, and the value that can realistically be anticipated to accrue to the enterprise from the chosen scope of architecture work. Business principles, business goals, and strategic drivers of the organization are already defined elsewhere in the enterprise. It is involved with ensuring that existing definitions are current, and clarifying any areas of uncertainty.

TOGAF training would help attendees make sure that the evolution of the architecture development cycle has proper recognition and support from corporate management

And helps validate the business principles, business objectives and strategic business drivers


Through a series of interactive the knowledge academy hands-on workshops you study and practice by building an evolving case study. Accelerate your next modeling project with this intense, interactive workshop emphasizes pragmatic modeling principles and techniques.



Crystal Reports course: Training candidates to use this program efficiently for creating high quality reports

The Crystal Reports Certification is fast becoming an important software program among organizations from all sectors, across the globe. The simple reason for its increasing popularity is the fact that through this advanced software program, the organization is able to get enhanced and high quality reports that are essential for any management to understand the present situation of the organization, in regards to the performance of employees of any department, the overall productivity, expenses and wastages incurred and other details that would be required for making important and vital decisions.

Since, the Crystal Reports Software is an important program that does provide efficient results, it is very much important on the part of the organization to hire professionals who have undergone the comprehensive Crystal Reports course and have gained immense knowledge from it. Only then would they be in a position to implement the right techniques and tools that would be required for working in this software program and to derive the best results in the shortest possible time. It is the rigorous Crystal Reports training program that introduces the candidates to gaining immense knowledge from the program and to understand the certification in a much better manner. Institutes like The Knowledge Academy have contributed towards creating professionals who are well equipped with the Crystal Reports program and can efficiently work on this software tool to provide advanced reports that would meet the minute requirements of seniors and that of the higher management.

The professionals with appropriate Crystal Reports training can easily interface the Crystal Reports software to the different data sets that is stored by the accounting software programs present on the local IT networks. A proper access to the available data sets is sure to allow the designers to pick up the fields that would be required for creating fresh reports. The fields are also manipulated through calculations for creating sums for the different rows of numbers, to calculate percentages for averages and commission sales for comparing the decrease and increase in sales, at any given point of time.

With the Crystal Reports Certification gaining immense importance, there is a huge demand for qualified professionals in the job market and they are offered lucrative packages. Moreover, the waiting period for the candidates to get hold of a job after completing the Crystal Reports program is almost negligible, which makes the Crystal Reports course more interesting and alluring. It is for such reasons that candidates in huge numbers prefer to undergo the Crystal Reports program and to be amply rewarded by their present and future employers.

The Crystal Reports training program does help the candidates to fulfill their dreams and aspirations of getting a good job in a leading organization. Moreover, the skills obtained from the Crystal Reports Certification increases their confidence and help them to face the challenges that are put up to them. This is very much essential, especially in today’s highly competitive world, where they are expected to have additional knowledge, so that they can contribute towards the success of the business. 


Pre-requisites to gaining the much acclaimed CISA Certification

Becoming an Information Technology auditor is one of the most desired profiles, by most IT professionals across the globe. The simple reason for the increasing popularity of this program is the fact that on the successful completion of the CISA Certification, the candidates are able to get their dream jobs and be considered for auditing positions in the organization. Such candidates also derive one of the best pay packages in the domain and this is automatically an important aspect that acts like a magnet.

However, getting the certification is not that easy, since the candidates need to fulfill several pre-requisites that are mandatory. In order to know more about these pre-requisites and the eligibility to take part in the CISA exam, the candidates can visit the authorized training institutes like The Knowledge Academy, where they can get complete assistance from the counselors present their, who would gauge their present skills and expertise and accordingly suggest them the certification program. Here, the candidates also can also get adequate training which is required for them to be complete CISA professionals. A better way to get hold of the best CISA training institutes available would be to ask seniors or to browse through the official website, where they are provided with different types of facilities that would be necessary for them to get immense success in the organization.

The grades obtained in the CISA exam is sure to improve the confidence of the individual and to provide them with all the necessary tools and techniques that would be necessary for implementing in the business. As a matter of fact, the CISA Certification is a wonderful credential which when completed is sure help the candidates to be amply rewarded by their employers. Moreover, after completing the program, the candidates also get recognition in the industry and are in huge demand in the job market.

In order to qualify the CISA training program, the candidates need to have relevant exposure and prior experience in IT auditing, management, security and control. This is essential and is sure to help them to acquire the knowledge from the training program much more easily and without much hassle. They need to apply an application for availing this certification. Also, they are required to adhere to the prevailing Professional Ethics Code and to the ongoing professional education program. Moreover, they need to comply with the IT systems Auditing standards.

The CISA Certification program is conducted twice a year, in the month of June and December, thus providing ample opportunities for the candidates to avail. The CISA exam comprises of two hundred questions of multiple types and the candidates are provided with four hours to complete it. Only proper CISA training and thorough knowledge would help the candidates to see through this tough exam. Being an important job oriented program, the candidates are advised by the experts to be sincere and dedicate themselves towards succeeding in the program. Only then would they be considered for key positions in organizations and earn immense respect from everyone around.


Importance of scrum master training to work in the scrum team

Scrum can be described as the project management framework which aids the teams to organize themselves in order to get various works done. Scrum is popular because of its flexibility, speed and simplicity. It is adopted by most of the product developer to ease out the complexity of the development process. The products are developed in small parts so that they are ready with the product at any stage for the review of the stakeholder. Fortune 100 companies, non-profit seeking companies and even the government sector take the help of Scrum methodology due to its high speed and flexible nature.

The scrum master is the term used for the project manager role in the scrum methodology due to its changed environment. The work of the scrum master can be done effectively only with the help of scrum master training. The two day scrum master certification course is provided to impart knowledge on how to facilitate, lead and coach the team to get them motivated enough to work better. Other responsibilities of the scrum master are similar to that of the traditional project management and that is of planning, instructing and directing the team towards achieving the business strategic objectives.

The scrum master certification can be attended by the project managers, team members, product managers and also the development managers. The team member should attend the scrum master training to get the knowledge of the scrum methodology and also to get the knowledge on what is expected out of them as a team member. The scrum master training is intended for the people who participate, lead or support the scrum team. The scrum training is required for getting an in-depth knowledge of the scrum methodology. With the scrum certification you will be able to understand why people are given much more importance than the process itself. As you go through the whole scrum training you will understand that if you have the right mix of people in the team and if they work together then anything can be easily achievable. The responsibilities get distributed equally and the team members work in unity in achieving the goals.

The Knowledge Academy will come to your rescue with the scrum master certification and scrum certification. They provide the best study material and course notes so that you don’t face any problem in working with the scrum team and also use the materials as future reference. The trainers will make you aware of the advantages of scrum methodology as they have frequent feedbacks which help the software developers to make the required changes very fast and in short iterations. The certification is a necessity if you want to become a scrum master in the scrum team.  The scrum training provided by them will help you in reducing the attrition level and optimizing the resource utilization in the organization. With the help of scrum certification you can make your client happy by providing them with the product at every regular interval.

With the help of scrum methodology you will also be able to gain competitive advantage over others by launching the products fast in the market and understanding the requirement of the changing needs of the customer.


Become a more productive employee for you company by getting MCTS training


Microsoft services are used by a number of companies for their various needs. It specialises in creating services that benefit businesses and increase productivity. Microsoft’s enterprise solutions benefit thousands of companies and are used by their millions of employees. There are a number of Microsoft services that are very popular and are used extensively by many people. Services like SharePoint and technologies like .NET and SQL Servers are used by almost every business organisation in the world. The MCTS course offers training for these different services and will help you gain expertise in them.

The Microsoft Certifies Technology Specialist, or MCTS training, will help you master any Microsoft service that you have to extensively use in your domain. The training will help you learn advance features of those services and will help you improve your efficiency manifolds. Receiving proper training for these services will help you avoid the common mistakes that most people make and will help you become a better employee for your organisation.

The MCTS certification is provided for individual technologies and if you want, you can get multiple certifications for different technologies that you use. The biggest advantage of this certification is that you will be easily able to switch jobs. Of you have worked with a technology extensively, your job experience may not show it, bur getting this certification will allow you to prove that you have expertise in the technology. This will help you switch to a different company. The certification will also allow you to get a job, as the certification will prove that you have the necessary skills to handle the job responsibilities even if you are new to the industry.

The MCTS course offers specialisation in many technologies but the most popular of them are:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Lync Server
  • Microsoft Project and Project Server
  • SharePoint and SharePoint Server
  • SQL Server
  • Virtualization
  • Visual Studio
  • Windows Server

The MCTS certification program will help you gain expertise in these technologies and more. It is a very useful program for IT professionals and will help you rapidly grow as a Microsoft certified professional. Microsoft created the MCTS training program to serve two purposes:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->The training helped create technological experts who could help in further development of these services

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->The program created highly capable professionals who would benefit the companies that use these services. Microsoft ensured better sales of their services by making the services that it created more useful for these organisations.

While Microsoft conducts the MCTS certification exam themselves, they have collaborated with various training institutes around the globe to provide MCTS training to candidates who are interested in this program. In the UK, The Knowledge Academy is their most reputed training partner for this program. It has an excellent faculty that provides outstanding training for the MCTS course and their program has an impressive track record. Joining them for this training will ensure that you become a Microsoft Certified Technology Expert for your chosen technology easily.

October 09 2013


Become an expert technical support professional by enrolling in the CompTIA course


Whenever you face a problem in any electronic device or software service, the first thing that you do is call the customer care number for the company that made it. Their support officer asks you a few questions and then in most cases, resolves your issues by providing you with a list of simple instructions that you can follow to fix it. If a problem cannot be solved on phone, the company will usually send an expert who will fix it for you. It takes special training to become capable enough to fix any problem that a product is facing, and it takes even more effort to master the science of helping people troubleshoot when you are not even physically present there. The CompTIA course is one of the best programs for learning advanced troubleshooting techniques.

The companies that manufacture products also provide troubleshooting training for them, but this training is only useful as long as you work for that company. Troubleshooting guides are generally very specific and can vary a lot from one company to another. The time that you spent training will be wasted if you switch to another company. Hence, it is better to undergo troubleshooting training from a vendor neutral organisation. CompTIA training is the most popular program of this kind and will help you master technical aspects of troubleshooting, instead of just simple instructions that you otherwise have to memorise for vendor specific programs.

The CompTIA course is available for a number of technologies and products. You can get CompTIA certification for any of them and immediately start your career as a competent technical assistance professional. The program is very popular because of its focus on teaching trainees how the technology works, instead of just telling them what to do when certain faults occur.

CompTIA certification can be used for getting vendor specific training as well. Companies like Cisco recognize this certification and allow you to skip their basic courses and jump directly to more advance programs. CompTIA training has become very popular because of this fact. Candidates join this course to learn about the technology, and then do a vendor specific course to work for leading companies. This makes them better at their job than a person who has only done the vendor training. They are more capable and quickly become very successful technical assistance experts and become the top employees for their company.

CompTIA training has garnered a lot of publicity and their A+ program is considered the best program for desktop technical assistance. Many training institutions offer the CompTIA course and you can join any of them to benefit from this program. However, training at a reputed institute like The Knowledge Academy for CompTIA certification is going to be a lot more beneficial for you. They have excellent trainers in their faculty who have worked for leading companies as technical assistance agents, and they will help you fully master the technologies being covered in the course. You will be able to master the program much more comprehensively and will become a much better technical assistance specialist. 


Managing and maintaining the Microsoft products with the MCSA certification

Managing, maintaining and implementing the various Microsoft Windows Servers are the work that the MCSA certification holder is responsible for.  Sometimes they need to manage the Microsoft Windows server Environment and implement the Microsoft Windows Server Network Infrastructure or the Microsoft Exchange server. In the MCSA training you will be provided with the knowledge of the Windows Server and also understand the purpose of the network infrastructure so that you can define the functions that the network infrastructure performs. When you will be completing the MCSA course you will have full knowledge about the usage of routing system by the Windows Server.

The MCSA course helps in understanding and exploring the different layers of the IP model and this IP address uses the private and public methods of addressing. This course also helps you to understand the structure of IP address, use of subnet mask and the default gateways. Monitoring and troubleshooting are an integral part of the networking system so you must possess an expert knowledge in this sphere as it will help you to grow in your career. The MCSA certification will be providing you with the experience of diagnosing and fixing the faulty connection in compared to someone who doesn’t have the proper training or certification. Troubleshooting and configuring the faulty connection is very essential and if it is done without consuming much time then the organization will get the benefit of very less downtime that means the production was not hampered for longer period.

The MCSA training provides the knowledge of using various troubleshooting tools in different scenario. The same process will not work for every situation; you need to change as per the requirement. You will be provided with the knowledge of the stub zones; you will have an understanding of the purpose of the stub zones and what benefits it earns for the organization. It will only earn benefits if you know when to apply it and how it is done so if you want to deploy the stub zone then you will have to practice it while in the training as in the real life situation you are expected to do your work with 100% accuracy.

The Knowledge Academy provides the MCSA training in both the forms – one is the online training and the other one is the classroom training. The online training is for the busy professional who doesn’t get time to attend the classroom training but also want to have the certification which will help them in their career growth. If you are not sure whether you can pull of the MCSA course all by yourself then the classroom training is the best as it provides the knowledge through interactive sessions thus improving your communication skill as well. The trainers will provide you the knowledge on how to manage the DHCP servers and Clients and also configure them. The monitoring and troubleshooting DHCP also forms an important part of the process and you will only be able to manage all this work if you have the knowledge of the DHCP and if you know the benefits of the DHCP.

Once you have the MCSA certification then you will be ready for the next level of certification which will help you take your career to the next level as well.


VMWare Certification – A way to achieve success

Every individual has an aspiration of making it big in the industry and to grow with the organization. This is only possible if the candidates are able to acquire important certifications that would provide them with the appropriate knowledge and is in great demand in the industry. One such program is the VMWare Certification, which is said to provide an innovative path to the growth of new business establishments. By completing this advanced program, the candidates can easily be industry ready, especially in the domain of VMWare technology. A certification in the VMWare program is considered to be the best option for the individuals to fulfill their dream and to be placed in key positions in the organization and derive good pay packages.

The VMWare training program has been specifically designed to provide the candidates with an insight into the different intricacies and to allow them in having a dynamic approach towards the business. This is a crucial aspect that is demanded by today’s highly competitive world. In order to be proficient in this program, it is very much essential for the individuals to undergo the advanced VMware course, where they are taught to work on this program and to provide the most appropriate solutions to the business as and when required.

In today’s competitive world, most business establishments are known to use the advanced VMWare Certification program. This requires them to appoint trained professionals with the right expertise and skills, so that they can help the business to achieve its set goals and objectives in the most efficient manner. The candidates can undergo this program from any reputed institute that is authorized to conduct it. The Knowledge Academy, a renowned institute is known to have helped hundreds of candidates with a stable and secure platform, including a wonderful career. At the same time, the candidates are also provided with plenty of VMWare training so that they become efficient and know how to use the different skills and expertise that would be required for the success of the business.

The VMware course ensures that the individuals are able to enhance their credential and to be recognized by their employers and seniors. In order to achieve this, the candidates need to hone their skills and knowledge, so that they can effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities to the satisfaction of the higher management and to provide the desired results in a short span of time. The VMWare training program is increasingly becoming popular among candidates from all parts of the world, due to its high demand in the job market and the salary package offered to the professionals. Also, the VMWare Certification program would provide the individuals with an in-depth training and knowledge into the program and assist them to be experts in this domain. They are also taught the various skills that would be necessary to improve on their capabilities. Therefore, a proper completion of the VMware course and getting good grades in the tough examination is a wonderful way for the candidates to make a point to the potential and existing employers and to gain their confidence and trust, to enjoy key positions in the organization.


Lean Certification – An important management program

The Lean Certification is one of the most important management programs that are  being implemented by most organizations, both from the manufacturing as well as the service sectors from all over the world. As a matter of fact, the popularity of the Lean program is said to be increasing over a period of time since, it has been highly effective in its approach and has helped most organizations to implement the right management process and to achieve success in the shortest possible time.

Since, this program brings in plenty of opportunities for the individuals, there are plenty of them trying to undergo the advanced Lean course from reputed institutions like The Knowledge Academy, so that they can make the most from the program and to enhance their skills and expertise in the domain. There are different types of techniques that are promoted by this program which when properly applied in the business is sure to bring the best results. However, for achieving this, there is a genuine need for individuals, who have undergone the Lean training program and can fulfill the aspirations and objectives of the business easily and effectively. It is quite essential for the individuals to learn all the techniques that are promoted by this program. This would not only help the business to succeed, but also to impress upon its numerous clients time and again.

The Lean training program does help the candidates to learn how to effectively manage the available resources and put them to proper use in the organization. It is to be understood by the candidates that the Lean program is very much different from the Six Sigma program. in order to know more about it and to qualify the exam in good grades, it is very much essential on the part of the individuals to make sure that they are sincere and serious in the training program and try to undergo both the practical and theoretical sessions, which would help them to imbibe in the necessary skills and expertise.

With the Lean Certification in place, the organization can efficiently have the overall performance of the employees and the available resources and equipments to function in the most efficient manner. The Lean program when appropriately implemented in the business is sure to do a lot of good things to the business and increase its revenue and to beat competition. This is one reason the Lean course is considered to be an important management program and is being implemented by organizations across the globe.

Moreover, the Lean training program provides the candidates with immense confidence, and helps them to implement the right strategies according to the demands of the business. This is very much essential if the organizations desire to meet its goals and achieve success. This is where the Lean Certification plays a major role and determines the achievements made by the professionals in the business. Also, the individuals by having undergone the Lean course are respected for the knowledge acquired by them and provided with recognition, respect, promotions and pay hikes from time to time.


MSP Training

For the organizations adopting the technique of programme management, it is essential to carry out the process of programme identification. This is a process wherein the strategy and direction of an organization are decided and in accordance with the same, the programmes required to realize these strategies are determined. In the context of programme management, it is noteworthy that only 20% of the programmes being initiated within an organization deliver 80% of the benefits. However, no matter what percentage of benefits are expected of a programme, it requires a professional programme management framework known as the MSP (Managing Successful Programme) Framework for its successful completion. The MSP Framework is divided into three levels – MSP Principles, MSP Governance themes and the MSP Transformational flow.

However, the successful implementation of the MSP Framework within an organization requires its workforce to have undergone the MSP Training program from a reputed training institution. To avail the facilities pertaining to the MSP Training, it is recommended to contact The Knowledge Academy, UK. The Knowledge Academy is a global organization having a widespread training channel extending hassle-free training to learners across the world. The Knowledge Academy learning program is comprehensive and practical-based. The revered institution has a modern training infrastructure and seasoned instructors in place, facilitating the candidates’ way to get certified in MSP.

Fundamentally, MSP (Managing Successful Programme) can be defined as a best-practice framework for delivering complex programmes in accordance with transformational activities and realization of the long-term strategies. MSP was developed by the Office of Government of Commerce (OGC). The Office of Government Commerce is an agency of the government of the United Kingdom. The first version of MSP came into being in the year 1999 in recognition of the need for strengthening links between the long-term strategic objectives of an organization and the set of projects being undertaken by the same.

It was followed by the introduction of its second version that had its inception in the year 2003. This version of MSP reflected maturity in the concepts with which MSP was introduced. After a span of four years, the third version of MSP came into being. This time MSP, extended a more robust approach towards programme management for the same was characterized by the introduction of new tools and techniques. In the year 2011, the fourth and the latest version of MSP came into being. This has been the most straightforward and robust versions of MSP (Managing Successful Programme) so far and is currently in effect across the world.

The MSP Training enables an organization to create an effective environment in which it can monitor and control the progress of the programmes that it has undertaken. The MSP Training turns out handy for the organizations aiming at the accomplishment of the transformational activities.

The MSP Training is available at two levels – MSP Foundation and MSP Practitioner. The purpose of the Foundation level is to confirm a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the MSP Framework. The foundation level is also a prerequisite for the practitioner qualification. The MSP Practitioner level enables the candidates to extend a more controlled approach towards programme management. It also helps the candidates to progress towards the MSP Advanced Practitioner level. 



The field of Software Testing is increasing on an everyday basis as a profession all over the world as the companies and businesses are looking for the professionals to ensure the testing of their complex IT systems. Software Testing Training is a certification degree which provides professionals the chance to investigate the software in order to provide the stakeholders with the chance of the quality management of the product before supplying it into the international market for the use of clients.

The Software Testing is also responsible for providing the companies with an independent and objective view of the software in order to perk up the business appreciation of the products. Another objective of the certification degree is to understand the risks in the software implementation and curb them at the right time. Getting the Software testing Training helps professionals to execute the software by finding the defects, bugs and errors in the software.

Getting the certification degree and professionals on the part of the companies can ensure that software are able to meet the expectations and requirements that have been guiding the design and development of the same in the first place. It also helps companies to work within the expectations and then implement the measures of the product’s application. Getting the certification degree satisfies the stakeholders about the quality of the software!

Software Testing can be implemented in companies all over the world within the software development process. It also uses the process of defining and coding the software for the error identification.

Getting back to the Software             Testing Certification degree, it helps the professionals to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and competencies for the software testing challenges. When implemented in companies, Software Testing Certification degree has shown 99% defter removal from the software thus, have been able to reduce the costs as well as shortening of the schedules of the software from time to time.

In more than 70 countries all over the world, professionals having the Software Testing Certification degree are working in companies. Being a global certification degree, it helps professionals and companies to implement a common testing vocabulary in order to bridge the gaps between the different departments. This also helps the professionals all over the world to communicate and perform the testing in an efficient way than before.

Software testing Certification degree has multiple expert options in order to help the professionals to get a real roadmap for their career. In a latest survey conducted worldwide, more than 98% of professionals have agreed that getting the Software Testing Certification degree has helped shape up their career by winning some of the top jobs! The certification degree provides you with better skills and a better return on investment (ROI) than any other certification of the same genre!

So, what are you thinking? Rush to The Knowledge Academy and get enrolled for your Software Testing Training in order to be the leaders for the management of software in some of the best known companies all over the world!


October 08 2013


Gain expertise in the developer friendly Linux OS by undergoing Linux training


Linux operating systems are widely believed to be the best platform for creating new technologies. They are highly customisable and allow for any kind of modification in their structure. This is one of the primary reasons why lower end supercomputers are made using the Linux platform. Anyone who works with advanced computer technologies should know how to use Linux and if you do not know how to work on a Linux system, Linux training will help you attain mastery over it.

Linux is popular because it is an open source project. Every bit of code that Linux employs is publicly available online and can be studied by anyone who wants to know how Linux works. This is a very desirable feature in an OS as far as developers are concerned. Linux ensures better security of your data and has the lowest malware infection rate in the whole world. Features like these draw programmers to it and have resulted in the operating system becoming every developer’s favourite platform.

Linux is crowd funded and is developed by programmers who want to create a better platform to work on. There are no commercial incentives for working on this OS and therefore it attracts brilliant programmers who create services that they require. Joining the Linux course will give you a chance to work with some of the brightest programmers in the world and learn from the very best. Your development skills will improve tremendously once you learn how to implement open source services into your work.

There are several steps to mastering Linux. You will start with the absolute basics and learn how to setup a Linux installation on your own and how to make sure that every feature of your device is working properly. Linux training will teach you how to create customised Linux flavours that are designed to ensure the best performance for your needs. The best feature of Linux is its configurability and you will master it with the help of Linux certification.

Linux certification is a very prestigious qualification and attaining it will help you point your career in the direction of success. You will be able to work with any development company in the world once you have mastered the Linux platform. Elite developers and programmers use Linux to power their work and you too will join their ranks with the help of Linux course.

Open source software solutions are a great way of gaining better control over your projects. Undergoing Linux training from a reputed training establishment like The Knowledge Academy will help you utilise this powerful platform more efficiently. Successfully completing the Linux course will translate to a more successful career for you. Programmers are only as good as their tools, and attaining Linux certification will help you utilise one of the most powerful platform for programming in the world. The Knowledge Academy has extremely qualified trainers who will provide you training and they will make sure that you master this open source miracle and become an outstanding developer.


Master advance web and application development by undergoing PHP training


There are few programming languages in the world that are as popular as PHP is n the domain of web development. It had started out as an effort to create a fast platform and has today become the most used language for creating software applications and website. Developers know the value of learning new technologies and want to benefit from the popularity of this language. Almost every web development project today is being done using PHP language and you will be able to quickly increase your capabilities as a developer if you undergo PHP training.

PHP was started as an open source project and has been updated a number of time by its development community. These individuals have dedicated all their lives to creating superior services for the PHP platform. Some of the best programmers in the world work on these projects and you will be able to exploit the services they have designed to create excellent websites and applications.

PHP certification programs will ensure that you become an expert at creating services using the language. You will learn how to incorporate PHP into your existing projects and see for yourself the benefits of using PHP as your main language when developing anything.  The PHP course is designed to help you master this language and you will be able to quickly learn how to create extensive project using PHP.

The popularity of PHP has ensured that almost every developer today is trying to develop his or her newer projects using PHP. By getting PHP certification, you will be able to make sure that you master the PHP language before your competitors and will also ensure that your command over the language is better than them. Undergoing PHP training will allow you to learn this language under the guidance of PHP experts and therefore you will master the course in a much more efficient manner.

Successfully completing the PHP course will guarantee that you become a highly accomplishes PHP developer. You will learn advance programming techniques from your trainers and will be able to create highly complex services that will help you distinguish yourself from the crowd of developers in this industry. Your expertise with the language will allow you to quickly become a highly sought after developer and you will have a great and successful career as a PHP developer.

When you look for a good training institute to do PHP training from, always remember that there is more to great training than just good faculty. A lot of things come together to ensure a great training environment. The Knowledge Academy is considered one of the best training institutes in the country for PHP certification training. They have highly qualified PHP trainers who provide this training. They also have an outstanding reference material guide that helps trainees quickly revise key topic covered in the class. Most of all, any training institute that specialises in providing training for professionals must be willing to accommodate their class timings for the very hectic schedule of a working professional. The Knowledge Academy does all this and more and is therefore the best institute for the PHP course. 


Is APMP capable of handling all types of projects efficiently?

The present day business and professional world have become quite competitive as compared to the past few decades and to remain a leader in this competitive world is the dream of every individual irrelevant of his field of working. At the same time, the growing costs in almost all the areas of business environment put a limitation on the resources but the demand for enhanced output still remains there for the success of the concerned organization. To fulfill this need, it becomes all the more necessary to utilize the available resources effectively and to develop a supervisory or administrative system which is capable of updating the senior management about the application of the fresh proposals and strategies. And the foremost action to be taken by the organization towards achievement of set goals is the proposal management. But to put proposal management into practice the concerned management team or other members must be well-versed with APMP principles and guidelines.

For those who are newbie in the relevant field, APMP is the association for project management professional and the relevant training can be undertaken from some trusted and reputable vocational training institute such as The Knowledge Academy, UK.  It has been in the relevant field for so many years and has produced various professionals in different fields to benefit organizations and the individuals themselves.

To illustrate further APMP is a qualification based on information and experience which permits the candidates to show their knowledge, skills or experience in the context of project management or proposal management completely. When a person undergoes training in APMP, he becomes capable of implementing its principles in any type of business environment irrelevant of the nature of projects going on in it.

APMP Training is an all-encompassing fountain of knowledge which intends to develop and encourage proposal management in all the sections of business industry and even outside. It is but obvious that every organization or business enterprise has different type of projects and so are the relevant proposals to successfully complete the given project. Now the question arises, if APMP Training principles are efficient enough to handle all types of projects regardless of their nature, scope and working mechanisms. And its answer is yes. It is because the APMP Training or certification is not confined to theory of project management only but it is such a body of knowledge which helps a professional to apply the theory or knowledge gained during training in actual business atmospheres.

Under APMP Training, the candidates are given training and knowledge to exhibit skills and comprehension of all the aspects of project management and the relevant ways or means, to fit the same and make them function in varying business atmospheres. So, one can handle large scale as well as small scale, simple and complex projects efficiently by undergoing APMP Training.  An individual becomes aware of the ways of employing different techniques and methods to execute tasks and jobs related to project management efficiently. The APMP professional knows well which techniques need to be implemented in some specific business atmosphere or the ways to modify certain techniques so as to implement the same according to some specific needs. 


Updating with the VMWare Certification

Though there are many types of IT programs available for the professionals to undergo, the most selected program across the globe is the VMWare Certification. This is one program, which when completed is sure to provide the candidates with plenty of opportunity and a chance to make it big in the IT world. With the VMWare program, the candidates can easily update their skills and knowledge in the program through various seminars, forums and webinars. Moreover, there are also plenty of training centers like The Knowledge Academy that provides the candidates with the adequate knowledge and helps them to be eligible to become a VMWare professional.

By completing the advanced VMWare training program, the candidates are recognized throughout the world and are provided with plenty of job opportunities. Organizations that run the VMWare program prefer to hire certified professionals to work on this domain. This would make the services even more effective and to be managed in an efficient manner. Thus, candidates planning to expand their knowledge and skills in the software sector or try to get into the virtualization sector can actually go for the advanced VMWare course. It is this training program that actually equips the individuals with the required skills and expertise for having a successful career in virtualization as well as cloud computing.

Moreover, the VMWare training program enables the individuals to verify, apply and troubleshoot the NAT and ACT present within the medium sized establishments’ network. This particular exam as a matter of fact can help the individuals to describe the very purpose of the ACL in a highly proficient manner. The individuals would be in a position to apply or to configure the ACLs that are based on various network filtering necessities. Also, the VMWare Certification examination can help any individual in examination and in getting entry to the routers easily and proficiently. The professionals also can monitor and confirm the ACLs present inside the particular networking environments. Also, the knowledge gained from this program can assist the candidates to troubleshoot and convey the fundamental functions of the NAT troubles. The candidates can simply configure the NAT as per the necessities and requirements of the branched networks.

It is through the comprehensive VMWare course that the candidates can employ and verify the WAN back links and the WAN serial connections effectively. The VMWare qualified professionals also can verify the Frame Relay routers for availing the medium sized branch networks. There are plenty of benefits for both the organizations to derive from the VMWare Certification program. The licensed professional can get recognition in the industry and be pointed out for promotions and enhanced pay packages in the organization. This is because, such professionals can easily work to the satisfaction of his seniors and provide the necessary tools and techniques required for achieving success. Moreover, the candidates are also able to enjoy enhanced advantages and be relied upon by their seniors, since they have undergone the much important VMWare training program and have mastered all the relevant topics on the VMWare program.

October 07 2013


P3o Training

Undertaking activities related to programme and project management has become mandatory for every organization functioning in the business territory. And the ever increasing competition has made it all the more necessary for the organizations to manage the activities concerned through the most appropriate set of best practices. The methodologies such as the PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environment) and MSP (Managing Successful Programme) developed by the Cabinet Office are being used prevalently to cater for the activities pertaining to project and programme management. However, there is something that stands beyond the capability of the above mentioned best practices and helps to have a better and a stronger grip on the activities related to project and programme management.

I am pleased to inform you that there is going to be a healthy discussion about P3o (Portfolio, Programme and Project offices).  P3o (Portfolio, Programme and Project offices) is a best management practice, which is aligned to the methodologies such as PRINCE2 and MSP. P3o entails support structures to facilitate effective portfolio, programme and project management. For the successful implementation of P3o within an organization, it is required to let its workforce undergo the P3o Training or P3o Course.

The facilities pertaining to the P3o Training can be availed from the network of ATOs (Accredited Training Organizations) that are certified by the APMG International. Though there a number of organizations that has been accredited by the APMG International, yet it is recommended to contact The Knowledge Academy, UK. The Knowledge Academy is a global organization having a widespread training channel in different locations across the world. The Knowledge Academy has an updated training infrastructure and experienced instructors in place to ensure that the candidates emerge to be highly competent. Notably, the premier institution charges the lowest price for its training facilities.

The P3o Training is a key to develop and establish appropriate support structures to facilitate decision making for the successful delivery of projects and programmes being undertaken within an organization. For a modern business setup, resorting to P3o is highly beneficial as it helps it deliver strategy, realize benefits and deliver programmes and projects successfully at the very outset.

As more and more organizations in both; the public as well as the private sector recognize the need of resorting to P3o, the employment prospects of the candidates who have undergone the P3o Training have got brightened. The candidates having undergone the concerned training program become able to make certain that the strategies and performance requirements of the organizations, they work with are realized through projects and programmes.

Fundamentally, the P3o Training is available in two levels – Foundation and Practitioner. The P3o Foundation course aims at confirming the candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the P3o Guidance that enables them to work as informed members of an office within a P3o model. The duration of the foundation exam is 40 minutes and minimum 60% marks are required to pass the same. It is also a pre-requisite for the practitioner level. The purpose of the Practitioner level is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge to design, implement and manage in an office within a P3o model.



Business Analysis Certification degree is the sole reason why corporations all over the world are able to achieve their primary goals. Along with that, the certification degree is beneficial for the companies to know the stakeholders well and thus, understand the working, structure as well as processes and policies of the organization in a better way. The Business Analysis Certification degree is all about helping organizations to get a quality solution for the providing of value to clients within the constraints of time, budget as well as the specifications allotted.

A Business Analyst is the one which is able to cater to both business as well as technical requirements of the company. The analyst is also responsible to make sure the organizations reduce their rework and thus, gain the confidence of the clients on the IT workforce management.

Gaining the certification degree is going to provide the professionals with an in depth understanding to translate the business needs into the solution options for companies. Not only that, the certification degree is beneficial to help companies to utilize the requirements as well as the management processes towards the implementation of the standard templates for working. Thus, it is the reason why some of the best known multinationals are able to present a professionally efficient image of the service delivery within time. Also, the certification degree, with its consistent as well as improving processes goes out to increase the chances of your company to reach to a wider global network and thus, come out to be the best!

When organizations are on the lookout for the professionals who are capable of delivering lower solution delivery costs for projects and can leverage the requirements of gathering best practise at the same time, then getting a Business Analyst is the answer.

A successful Business Analyst is the one which is capable to reduce the project risks and does so by suing the tools, methods as well as the techniques incorporated in the certification degree. Also, the professionals are capable to drive the right level of requirement into the projects, thereby determining the correct model for the identification of the resources which have to be applied to the projects.

Business Analysts are competent to capture the entire requirements and thus, address the needs of the stakeholders as per their specific agendas on time. Getting to the training and Certification degree on your part is going to ensure that you know the driving of the correct requirements for the solution and the preference for projects.

A Business Analyst is also the one, which can come out and take the ownership for the management of expectations and their scope in projects!

Thus, now is the right time for companies and professionals to invest in the Business Analysis Training. The Knowledge Academy provides professionals with extensive Business Analysis Training in order to win their certification degree and therefore, be the best Business Analysts the world has ever seen! So, say yes and shine on!

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