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October 29 2013


Cisco training an essential part of the professional trying to enter the networking field

Cisco training has become one of the most coveted training programs for the network professionals who want to make it big in the networking world. The Cisco certification starts with the entry level and goes up to the advanced level certification where you will have all the knowledge that is required to work efficiently with the Cisco networking enterprise. The basic level certification also have some specializations like the Voice and security which will give you an in depth knowledge of the particular subject and not just an overview. The Cisco course will help you in developing a complete understanding of the network system and also provide you with the knowledge of the different types of network topologies that comes together to form the network.

The Cisco training is beneficial for all types of networking jobs therefore the companies with Cisco products look for the professionals who are Cisco certified. When you are going through the Cisco course you will have enough knowledge of the installation process and will also be able to perform configuration of local area network and wide area network. As a certified professional you will also be able to troubleshoot the network enterprise which is considered as an essential skill for the network professionals. There are several other topics that are considered to be very important like the Ethernet, VLANs, access lists and security. When you will start using the protocols like the IP, IPv6, RIP, Frame Relay, LAN switching, serial connections then you will be termed as an expert in the networking field.

If you want to take the Cisco certified network associate training then you will have to showcase some of your hardware and networking knowledge otherwise it will be very difficult for you to understand the whole subject and its terminologies. The Cisco certification validates your knowledge of the internetworking basics, IP routing, Security, Virtual LANs (VLANs), Internet protocol v6, wide area network and managing a Cisco internetwork. Here you can take the help of the trainers of The Knowledge Academy to clear your doubts regarding the networking system of Cisco products and how to work with its products. You will get the facility of working with the network products even before you step into any organization due to the hands on experience provided by The Knowledge Academy. It is very important that you practice well before starting on working with the Cisco products on live cases.

Once you finish your Cisco certification course you can join the organization as a hardware engineer or the network engineer to begin with and then as you move up in the Cisco training level you will go up in the ladder of success as well. The Cisco course for the Cisco security covers the core security technologies and installation of the security systems. In today’s world the data security is the biggest challenge that the companies are facing so it is very important that the companies have some certified professional who is an expert in the field of security and also possess the CCNA security certification so that everybody can be sure of his knowledge.




A complete overview of the EA marketplace includes tooling, frameworks, methodologies and practices. If you are considering acquiring a tool- take this training. Get an improved understanding of the factors that may be important for you as you review tools in the marketplace. For enterprise architecture definition, different industry standard methodologies and frameworks such as TOGAF ADM, IMPACT, ZACHMAN etc. offer a generic approach to various phases and deliverables


Enterprise Architecture (EA) is defined as a link between strategy and implementation by aligning implementation projects with the IT strategy to achieve business objectives and change scenarios.



TOGAF training course would be very beneficial to the architects if they are:


<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Unable to make decisions and administer implementation projects due to the absence of a target state architecture definition, policies and principles leading to diverse implementations without realizing the general benefits from transformation

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Unable to create a flexible and agile IT environment leading to point-to-point integration between systems

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Unable to assess impact on systems due to factors such as degree of standardization, change in business operating models and the need for information integration resulting in misaligned IT to business.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Unable to communicate a single consistent picture of EA to the stakeholders resulting in gaps and inconsistencies in solutions

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Unable to recognize existing solutions for reusability

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Unable to generate canonical models that derive the requisite flexibility in architecture



TOGAF training course provides the scope of architecture work, architecture artifacts, definition plan and benefits were defined and communicated to various stakeholders so that they could get on board with the solution. A set of TO-BE business architecture artifacts is defined and later tailored to meet the requirements of predominantly packaged solutions identified in the TO-BE application architecture. TOGAF training course defines new principles, policies and processes as required meeting business and IT objectives and ensuring existing pain areas are addressed by TO-BE architecture definitions. Various solution patterns are also defined to help decision making during the creation of TO-BE architecture.

Various stakeholders have different perspectives and emphasis on respective focus areas. TOGAF training makes the individual respond to the challenge, aligning all of them to a common objective and enables a shift to programme from project thinking





Through attendance in this program, attendees will be able to consolidate their current position and standing, as well as prepare for future career development in a more senior role in the management and development of an organization’s information management strategy

The target audience of this course includes business analysts, product managers, and business users as well as user acceptance testers. New comers to EA will find it a good grounding whilst it will enable more experienced tester to re-evaluate their current practices and procedures.


The knowledge academy has the ability to pick up on emerging trends and apply them in client engagements. This ability, combined with our consultants' profound functional knowledge, allows to stay ahead of the curve, anticipate change, and sustain innovation.  


Importance of Sharepoint training program

The Sharepoint training program has been introduced by Microsoft, the leading IT organization in the industry. It is considered to be one of the most important and prolific content management systems that are presently available for today’s enterprise grade network. By completing the Sharepoint program, the individual is able to have an extra edge over the others, since, he has mastered the relevant methods and techniques that would be required to operate this system. Moreover, learning the program does give the individual the knowledge to use the data, files and text and to share across the different networks easily and with great effort.  The knowledge gained from this program also allows them to create, manage and design the network distribution.

It has been noticed that most organizations across the globe has been using the Sharepoint Certification program in its business effectively and this program has undoubtedly helped it to enhance its business by leaps and bounds. Around 20,000 seat licenses are being issued regularly for the last 5 years and this is enough proof of the growing importance of the sharepoint program in today’s highly competitive business. Being an IT specialist it is quite important for the individual to know the requirements of a huge section of the potential employers and audience and to provide the right strategy and methodologies. It is the Sharepoint course which when completed from a reputed institution like The Knowledge Academy that is sure to provide them that extra edge that they had been looking to have a successful career.

The Sharepoint training program does include education and training that is relevant to the enterprise application software program and integration and utilizes it as an application platform. The importance of this program has been increasing rapidly since it provides the organization with enhanced security controls within the business. The SharePoint program does provide the candidates with an important credential and helps them to get jobs easily and without much hassle. With Sharepoint Certification introducing cloud service hosting, this program is known to play a greater role even outside the enterprise environment and this is why, this program is highly popular among professionals and organizations across the globe.

The Sharepoint course is sure to present the organizations with a robust and highly concentrated IT platform that is sure to help the business to succeed. It has been reported that most organizations these days are looking for candidates who have completed the Sharepoint training program and are confident of the different topics taught in the program. They are adequately trained and expected to play an important role in the organization. These professionals are required to have a special skill set and knowledge that would assist them to be experts in this domain and enjoy a better position in the organization.

The Sharepoint Certification is undoubtedly a wonderful platform that would assist the individuals to have an extra knowledge over the others and to derive better places and promotions in the long run. The Sharepoint program is quite robust and there are various topics that are covered in it that the individual needs to go through and understand. 

October 28 2013


Oracle certification serves as a perfect guidance to start working with the database

Oracle certification is the best way to start your career in the industry. You will have a better understanding of the Oracle database after you go through the Oracle training. The Oracle course only needs 5 days to complete and within these 5days you will have all the relevant knowledge that is required to work with the database. You will have an understanding of the SQL commands for the DDL statements, DDL, Query and Transaction Control Operations. The professionals who can take the advantage of the oracle certification are the database administrators and operators and end users who want to have the knowledge of the features and functions of the oracle database.

The DML statements include insert, update and delete the use of which is discussed in the oracle course. You will be explaining the difference between the SQL and SQL Plus to your peer group who doesn’t have the knowledge of the certification. So you can also encourage your colleagues to take up the Oracle certification course as it will prove to be helpful in improving the performance of the team and in turn increasing the productivity of the organization. There are various small yet significant functions that you will be using on a daily basis once you start working with the Oracle database like using the explicit cursors or the control structures to loop, branch and jump.

You can also get the knowledge of writing the basic queries and advanced queries when you go through the Oracle training. The sample database will provide you the entity relationship model, entity relationship diagrams, creation of sample data and the data types of sample data. If you will go through the Oracle course then you will be enriched with the knowledge of CREATE statement, DROP command, Oracle architecture, interfaces to oracle, some introductory terminology, graphical user interface, miscellaneous functions, mathematical functions, SQL v/s PL/SQL, loops, and many more topics like these which will help you work efficiently with the Oracle database.

The Knowledge Academy will provide you with the knowledge of standard data types, cursor manipulation, creating your own exception or creating a procedure and building non terminating exceptions. Their trainer will help you in getting hands on experience with the database where you can use the ER diagram for working with the sample database. The oracle training will help you in joining tables, SQL functions and Set operators. If you take the classroom training then you will be getting the knowledge of installation techniques, identifying the correct process of configuring the network connectivity, examining how to interact with system making complex queries and modifying the database with the help of SQL & PL/SQL.

The training will help you determine the server requirements for the network system in order to help in your network planning. Examining the installation features and also examining the performance abilities are some of your responsibilities that you will have to perform without fail. So after getting all the relevant information regarding the database you are ready to increase your productivity and help the organization achieve its objectives. 


Lean course – For betterment of the organization

Most organizations these days have been looking forwards to implement advanced tactics and strategies that would effectively help the business to succeed. Though there are various management programs available in the market, it is the Lean Certification that has a great demand in the industry. This particular program involves the individuals to be completed involved in the different operations of the organization and in an effective manner. It also assists the individuals to create an environment that is not only professional, but also positive for the business to develop and grow. This is a situation that is not only liked by the employees, but also the management, and also the clients.

In order to be effective, the candidates do require to undergo the Lean training program from reputed institutes like The Knowledge Academy where they are given proper knowledge and techniques that would be required to implement in the organization. It is the responsibility of the individuals to ensure that the techniques that they learnt from the program are properly implemented in the business and help it to function smoothly and to the optimum. Also, the management by introducing the advanced Lean course among the different sections of the employees are able to have peace of mind, since, they can be confident about the fact that the employees are now trained in the different skills that would be required to take care of the business. They would also ensure that all the negative factors are done away with, the unnecessary expenses and wastages are identified and bring in creativity to the business for deriving success.

In short, the Lean training program, when undergone properly can help the individual to make the most out of it and benefit the business in many ways. With the successful implementation of this program, the organization can enhance its efficiency in leaps and bounds eliminate the wastes completely from the business and increase its overall productivity and performance that would be needed for the survival and success of the business. The Lean program does focus on various aspects of the business that is essential these days, especially with increasing competition. Most clients prefer to work with those organizations that have implemented the advanced Lean Certification in the business and have engaged professionals who understand the requirements of the business and that of the clients. Such organizations are known to be industry leaders and always had an edge over the others. This is what makes the Lean program all the more popular and candidates from all over the world to adopt the Lean course to have a good and highly rewarding career.

The Lean training program allows the employees to work as a team, to identify the potential areas that needs to be boosted with proper techniques and tools and to do away with old tactics and strategies that no longer can withstand competition and drags down the image and revenue of the business. This is where the importance of the Lean Certification lies and it has become quite important for the organizations, both manufacturing and service oriented to implement it for getting effective results.




TOGAF certification course provides an overview of the theory and practice of EA, its roots in business and technology analysis and planning, the value and risk of doing EA in an organization, the scope of EA programs, EA documentation methods, and the fundamental elements that comprise a comprehensive approach to doing EA. This training course is taught over days, with each day primarily consisting of lectures and the introduction of a case study that runs throughout the curriculum. Also examples of early and current EA approaches are also provided. Attendees with TOGAF training course will study what Enterprise Architecture is at a very high level and be exposed to the demands they will face and the rewards they will reap in an architecture role


TOAF training also focuses on how to apply the fundamental concepts in terms of contracting for services, running projects, and delivering EA services. The course will also cover how to use industry and government EA methods in combination with company best practices to update existing architectures, begin new architectures, grow the EA team, and use architecture to support planning and decision making all through company.


TOGAF training helps managers in the following parameters:


<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Increased process throughput

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Reliable output quality

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Predictable process costs

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Increase re-use of existing processes

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->decrease time of sending business information from one process to another process

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Lower levels of redundancy and duplication in assets throughout the enterprise,

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Decreased the reliance on external IT service providers for integration and customization

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Lower costs of maintenance

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Increased budget available to new business features

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Decreased costs of running the business

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Decreased time to market for products or services

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Increase the quality of services to customers

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Enhanced quality of business information

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Improved flexibility of business

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Shorter time to make decisions

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Higher quality decision

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Ease of implementing new processes

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Decreased errors introduced into business processes through complex and faulty systems

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·<!--[endif]-->


TOGAF training course will present industry and government best practices in combination with company finest practices to support learning objectives. This course consists of four modules: Strategic Thinking; Business Strategy Development; Aligning Business and Technology with Strategy; and Creating Effective Business Case



All the executives, managers, and staff in business and technology roles who want to gain a fundamental understanding of EA concepts and practices must attend the TOGAF training course. It is also for those who want to gain a fundamental understanding of how enterprise architecture aligns business strategy, process, and technology




The knowledge academy understands the most successful organizations find ways to get more from their human capital in order to become more adaptable, promote innovation and maximize the ability to move great ideas from the whiteboard to implementation. As the workplace becomes an increasingly competitive place, companies need the skills to stay at the forefront of their industry. For as we know Human capital is key to an organizations success.










October 25 2013


Become an efficient and capable IT professional with MCITP training


IT professionals who have been working in the industry for many years can attest to the fact that getting a promotion requires tremendous efforts. Merely spending several years in the company will not ensure a promotion for you. You will have to prove to your employers that you are an asset to the company and that you will be of even more value to them at a higher job profile. The MCITP course offers Microsoft technology experts a chance to validate their skills and prove to their company once and for all just how capable they are.

IT companies have been employing professionals because of their expertise in various Microsoft technologies since the time Microsoft first created these technologies. These technologies are the backbone of a number of critical services. In absence of professionals who have the skills to work with these technologies and ensure they run uninterrupted, these companies would suffer greatly. Undergoing MCITP training will help you become a leading expert in these technologies and will guarantee a better job profile for you in the company.

Microsoft certification programs have been helping IT professionals improve their career prospects for a very long time. MCITP certification is an advanced program that helps experienced IT professionals secure better jobs.  Undergoing training for this program will allow you to attain total mastery over a Microsoft created technology. These technologies are used across the IT industry and with the help of this training you will be able to finally get that dream job. Even if your company does not have that job available, the certification will allow you to secure the position at a different company. The program is often used by IT professionals as bargaining tool with their employers. You will be able to obtain a promotion and a higher salary once you have successfully completed this program.

IT companies will never want a capable professional to leave for a different company because it takes a lot of time and effort to find a suitable replacement. Once you have mastered the MCITP course, you will become a high value employee for your employers and they will meet your expectations in order to make sure that stay with them.

There are many Microsoft technologies that are commonly used in the IT industry and MCITP training will help you attain expertise in any of them. By learning how to use these technologies properly, you will be preparing yourself for the responsibilities of the job that you want. MCITP certification will serve as a validation of your skills and you will easily obtain the promotion.

The Knowledge Academy is renowned in the IT industry for providing exceptional MCITP training. Joining them for MCITP course will give you a chance to learn about essential Microsoft technologies from the best trainers in the country. These trainers have all worked extensively in the industry and will help you prepare for the MCITP certification exam in the most efficient way. You will become a highly qualified IT professional with the help of The Knowledge Academy, and will have a very successful career.







Business Analysis training program will combine business strategy, business analytical tools and applications of analytics in particular business areas, namely finance, marketing and operations. The purpose of this program is to build up skills and a mindset for participants that will allow them to recognize and seize business opportunities using business analytics tools. The target participants’ profile for this program will consist of executives working in business analytics and professionals interested in a career in analytics.

The proposed training program will have both in-residence and online learning channels so that participants need not take long breaks from their work but at the same time get benefits of a constant learning environment.



Business Analysis training also helps develop understanding of the crucial role of cost measurement and management in business decisions and in managing a firm’s profitability. It focuses on the strategic use of cost information for planning and control, as well as costing products, services, and customers and emphasizes the role of management accountants as integral members of decision-making teams and as consultants to senior management. Studies alternate ways of measuring costs to meet various management objectives, the role of budgeting as a planning and management tool, the use of cost analysis as a control tool to help management meet short- and long-term profit objectives, and the significance of ethics in attaining all of these objectives. This course is ideal for students who wish to pursue a career in finance, general management, operations management, supply chain management, or entrepreneurship.

Business Analyst courses helps professionals build up the in-demand skills to identify, assess and design processes to improve the overall flow of information within your company and to determine the business requirements that drive projects.


Business Analysis training offers attendees an opportunity to develop the management skills necessary to become effective managers, including communication skills, qualitative and quantitative business analysis, and ethics and values.


Taking this training distinguishes you as an expert trained to identify the business requirements of an organization in order to determine successful business solutions. Becoming a certified business Analyst professional validates that you have the ability to produce dependable, high-quality results and earns you recognition by peers and management. Certification can even help you progress your career by creating a separate and distinct career path within the corporate industry and business community – so you can speed up your career and increase your earning potential

Business Analysis training would help:


<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Understand and apply both aspects of the BA role from a technical and soft skills perspective.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Be coached and guided with theory and practical exercises to help you learn.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Learn from experienced and fervent trainers.




Business Analyst courses at the knowledge academy are ideal for senior business analysts, business analysts, project managers, team leaders, system analysts, team members and anyone who is interested to certify your knowledge and experience

October 24 2013


VMWare training – To become a certified professional

The VMWare training program is an important course which when completed is sure to bring in plenty of benefits to the candidates. The candidates through this program are able to know in-depth all about virtualization and what it could do the business when implemented properly. However, this would require the candidates to understand the program in details so that they can understand the requirements of the business and meet the expectations of the clients. Also, the candidates can become quite confidence on what they do and bear the knowledge that would be required to reach the aims of the business. As a matter of fact, the candidates who have completed the VMWare Certification from reputed institutions like The Knowledge Academy are sure to get better positions in the organization and avail good jobs.

Also, the candidates through the VMware course are able to maximize their efficiency and productiveness in the best possible manner. They are able to accomplish the tasks assigned to them and forge all efficiencies for reducing the wastes and unnecessary expenses that occurs in the business. This is one main reason that s to why most organizations prefer to hire such candidates who are expert VMWare professionals and understand their work in an efficient manner. Also, this program is a wonderful investment for the organization, since the benefits that are derived by it are worth the investment.

Since, there are plenty of methodologies and techniques involved in implementing the VMWare training program, the candidates are sure to get better positions and enjoy the best perks, which would help them to be placed above the other employees and be respected by everyone in the organization. Moreover, the candidates are able to have a better career advancement in the organization, since they are having special set of skills that would be required by them to meet the expectations of the business and that of the employers. In short, the candidates with proper knowledge and with this highly accredited VMWare Certification are definitely in a position to help the business to achieve the strategies and goals that would be essential for the business to grow in leaps and bounds.

The candidates who have been successful in the VMware course are in a position to show their skills in virtualization and implement the necessary techniques and skills that would be required by them to implement in the business. As a matter of fact, the candidates can advance their knowledge and skills in the program, which would further their confidence to implement the right tactics and tools that would help the business to achieve sure success. This is the reason why, most organizations these days have started to implement the VMWare training program among its deserved candidates so that they can contribute to the success of the business and ensure that everything falls in place. This is very much required if the  organization is seriously interested to be in competition and to become an industry leader. Also, the candidates with a valid VMWare Certification are provided with the skills that are essential for them to enjoy better status and perks.




The aim of TOGAF certification course is to provide validation that in addition to the knowledge and comprehension of TOGAF Foundation, the candidate is able to analyze and apply this knowledge.

The learning objectives at this level therefore emphasize on application and analysis in addition to knowledge and comprehension.

TOGAF is a global, consensus-based, non- proprietary standard framework that helps organisations develop an EA. TOGAF consists of three main elements:
• Architecture Development Method (ADM)
• Enterprise Continuum
• Resource Base
The key component is the ADM. a methodology that provides a step-by-step process for developing an Enterprise Architecture.



TOGAF certification course helps attendees:


1. Reduce the time, cost, and risk in training, hiring, and managing IT Architecture professionals, both internal and external.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Simplifies communication between recruiting organizations, consultancies and employment organizations.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Avoids wasting time interviewing staff who may have applied in all good faith, but still lack the skills and/or experience required by the employer.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Avoids staff who are capable of filling IT architecture roles being unseen, or not identifying themselves with advertised positions and hence not even applying.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·<!--[endif]-->

2. Reduce the time and cost to set up an internal IT Architecture practice.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Many enterprises do not have an internal IT Architecture practice due to the complication involved in setting one up, preferring instead to simply interview and recruit architecture staff on an ad hoc basis.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->By providing definitions of the Architecting skills and proficiency levels required of personnel who are to perform a variety of architecting roles defined within TOGAF, the TOGAF Architecture Skills Framework greatly reduces the time, cost and risk of setting up a practice from scratch, and avoids "re-inventing wheels".

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·<!--[endif]-->

3. By reducing the time and cost to apply an IT Architect Practice, helps reduce the time, cost and risk of overall IT development.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Enterprises do not have an internal IT Architecture practice run the risk of inappropriate personnel being employed or engaged, through no-one's fault, and despite everyone involved acting in good faith. The resultant time and cost penalties far outweigh the time and cost of having an internal IT Architecture practice

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Personnel costs are increased, through the occasional need to rehire or reassign staff

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Even more important is the unpleasant impact on the time, cost and quality of operational IT systems, and the projects to deliver them, resulting from poor staff assignments.




A typical IT Architecture team undertaking the development of an Enterprise Architecture in TOGAF certification course would include the following roles:

Architecture Board Members

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Architecture Sponsor

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->IT Architecture Manager

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->IT Architects for:

° Enterprise Architecture

° Business Architecture

° Data Architecture

° Applications Architecture

° Technology Architecture

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->Programme and/or Project Managers

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->IT Designer and many others


The knowledge academy mission is to provide training solutions commensurate with industry best practices and leading edge learning methods. Its classroom training methodology employs quality study materials with pertinent case studies, examples and role plays led by our expert faculty

October 23 2013


Secure a place in the IT industry by mastering MCTS training


Attaining expertise in a technology that is commonly used in the industry is one of the best ways of ensuring that you are accepted wherever you apply for a job. Gaining this expertise is hard when most IT companies refuse to employ candidates who have no prior experience, and without a job prior experience is not possible in the first place. This is the perfect example of the proverbial Catch 22, and MCTS certification will help you get past this obstacle.

MCTS training will allow you to gain expertise in a number of highly popular Microsoft technologies. These technologies and enterprise solutions are used regularly by a lot of companies for a variety of tasks. You will easily gain expertise in these services with the help of this training you will be able to find a good job. The MCTS program has already been used by thousands of professionals to secure better jobs in top IT companies.

IT companies require skilled individuals who can start working from the very first day of their appointment. Due to the very high competition in the global market, and repeated economic slowdowns, most IT companies are apprehensive about suffering huge losses and therefore are implementing all possible cost-cutting methods. By eliminating training of new employees, companies benefit from the money saved on training while at the same time they are able to obtain a minimum of six months of extra productivity from new employees.  Availability of training programs like the MCTS course have allowed companies to implement such criteria. The program ensures that IT companies are easily able to find highly competent candidates.

The MCTS course offers expertise in several technologies and Microsoft enterprise services. Any organisation that uses these services will value your expertise in them and will readily employ you. MCTS certification will help you secure a very good job in the IT company of your choice. You will also have the option of picking the domain you want to specialise in. Several job roles exist in IT companies and depending on the Microsoft technologies you get certified in, you can easily make yourself eligible for a lot of different job roles. Carefully planning this certification will allow you to have a very successful career. MCTS training will help you transform into a technology expert and you will easily become a leading figure in the IT industry. Great success and fame await you once you have mastered this program.

MCTS certification holds immense value in the IT industry and undergoing training for this program will help you become a very successful IT professional. To make sure that you benefit the most from this program, you should only undergo this training at an institute that is authorised by Microsoft and is famous for providing outstanding training. The Knowledge Academy is the leading provider of training for the MCTS course in the country and guarantees your success. They provide word class MCTS training and they will make sure that you master this program and become a highly accomplished IT professional.


Master JavaScript training to become a stupendous web developer


JavaScript is a scripting language that has really changed the way people use websites today. Websites of the yesteryears were static and simple. Any information that you wanted was simply mentioned and there was no way to use the website interactively. JavaScript changed all that and helped developers design engaging and interactive websites. Websites today are highly interactive and can change their information completely depending on what the viewer wants. This makes websites easier to use and also helps them offer increased functionality.

Website development is a huge industry today and thousands upon thousands of developers create over a million websites each year using a number of different programming languages. JavaScript is a scripting language and therefore it does not depend on the platform upon which the website is being built. Special JavaScript training programs are now available that help developers learn language quickly and easily. You will be able to create highly interactive websites no matter what your core development skills are. Learning how to use JavaScript will help you become a much more competitive and successful developer.

JavaScript certification is a very important qualification for developers today. Due to every other web development project requiring interactivity, you will need to learn JavaScript in order to stay competitive. Once you have learned how to create interactive websites, a lot more projects will be available to you and you will gain the reputation of being a developer who can meet every demand that a client makes.

The JavaScript course has been a boon for new and old developers alike. It helps them master this essential skill in a short time. You will benefit immensely from gaining expertise over JavaScript and will become an infinitely better developer thanks to this program. Not only will your standing in the development community improve, you will also become a highly popular developer among businesses who are looking for a capable web developer.

The IT industry is highly competitive and if you fail to update your skill to reflect the demands of the industry, you will very quickly become outdated and will be replaced by someone who took the effort to undergo JavaScript training. By joining JavaScript course, you will be ensuring your success as a web developer. One of the easiest ways to success in any industry is become an expert at delivering the services that the clients demand. Expertise in JavaScript is one of the most requested skills in the development industry and JavaScript certification will help you distinguish yourself from the host of developers in the industry.

The Knowledge Academy offers an amazing JavaScript course and you will be hard pressed to find a better institute for this program. Enrolling with them for JavaScript certification training will ensure that you quickly become a leading web developer. They employ expert developers and programmers to provide JavaScript training and you will be able to learn the language very quickly under their guidance. The Knowledge Academy will ensure that you master JavaScript and with the help of their outstanding training program, you will become a very capable web developer.


CISA Certification to enjoy the best pay packages in the industry

The CISA Certification has been launched and offered by the ISACA with an aim to create professionals who are qualified Information Technology auditors. This is presently an important certification that has global recognition among organizations of different sectors and is said to have acquired a bigger shape in the domain of Information Technology. Such is the importance of this program that more and more candidates are undergoing this program, since there is a huge demand for professionals across the globe. This particular credential when undergone from a reputed institution like The Knowledge Academy is sure to validate the individuals proven skills and expertise and to enhance their knowledge in the domain of Information Technology control, security and auditing. In short, this CISA training program is considered to be quite pertinent to any individual who has aspired to be among the elite ranks of the certified IT systems auditors and to derive the best pay packages in the organization.

However, it is not that easy to become a CISA auditor, since the candidates have the task of qualifying the tough CISA exam that is conducted by ISACA. For qualifying it, the candidates do need to put in lot of hard work, efficiency and sincerity so that they can get better grades in the examination and be known for their skills and expertise in the domain. Moreover this credential is sure to elevate the individual’s professional stature and empower their proven expertise and skills by manifolds.

Candidates, who are I the profession of IT security, control and auditing, are sure to find the CISA Certification program quite useful and help them to move ahead in their career path, much easily. Also, it enhances the knowledge, credibility and earning potential. Moreover, this program also validates to the potential employers of the importance of hiring such professionals who possess special skills derived from the CISA training program and are confident of discharging their duties to the requirements of the organization and to meet the expectations of their employers. Also, through the CISA program, the candidates also learn to understand how to implement the right strategies and techniques in the business, so that the best results are obtained and the goals and objectives set by the business are met in an efficient manner.

It can be said that the candidates, especially those who have completed the CISA exam are sure to add immense value to their organization and be in great demand in the job market. As a matter of fact, the CISA Certification does have a great significance among the different types of organizations. Hence, most establishments and recruiters make it a point to hire professionals, who have completed the CISA training program from premier institutions like The Knowledge Academy and are dedicated enough to provide the business with the right set of expertise and skills that would be required to meet the growing demands of the business and to face the challenges that are normally seen in a business. Hence, the importance of the CISA program lies for both the organizations as well as the professionals.

October 22 2013


Become an elite IT professional with Citrix certification


Working even when you are away from office is a fairly common practice today. Professionals from all industries are often required to fire up their laptops in the middle of the night and help their employers resolve issues which cannot wait till the next day. Services like VPN and conferencing tools make the entire process seamless and allow you to work as if you were sitting in your office. Getting familiar with these tools will greatly boost your productivity and will allow you to get your work done a lot faster. Citrix offers a complete range of cloud based services that allow IT professionals to work at any hour of the day.

Anyone who works in a company that uses Citrix services will benefit from undergoing Citrix training. If you have to constantly use these services for your work, the training will help you get familiar with the various tools and will allow you perform regular tasks very quickly. You will be able to develop a routine that will help you minimise errors and deliver superior performance. Such an increase in your quality of work will not go unnoticed and you will benefit from it professionally.

Citrix is an expert in creating virtualisation services. These tools are of great quality and help save precious time for professionals by automating a lot of tasks. The Citrix course was especially crafted to allow professionals to draw even more value from these tools. A tool is only as useful as the skill of the person using it. Even the best services will not help improve the quality of work of someone who does not know how to use the services properly. Many companies across the industry have made it mandatory for their employees to attain Citrix certification. By doing this, the companies ensure that all their employees have the necessary skills to do their jobs effectively.

Citrix training will help you carve a place for yourself in the IT industry by providing you with a highly useful skill. The IT industry is highly competitive and any additional ability that you acquire will help you further your career. Attaining Citrix certification will allow you to find a better job, or get a better position at your current company. Your success as an IT professional will be assured once you have mastered the Citrix course. Companies across the world employ these services and have benefited greatly from the improved performance these services have helped their employees deliver.

The Knowledge Academy should be your first destination when you decide on joining the Citrix course. They are a highly renowned training establishment and have a reputation for providing consistently great training for all of their programs. They employ a very seasoned faculty comprised of industry experts. You will receive Citrix training from veteran IT professionals and they will help you become an expert at using the various Citrix tools. You will easily clear your Citrix certification exams once you have undergone such quality training and you will become a much more successful professional thanks to this program.


Become an expert at advanced technical assistance with CompTIA certification


There have been numerous occasions where you bought something and after some use that products developed some problem. Most of us do not attempt to fix it on our own and call a technical assistance expert instead. Most companies in the world provide free technical support for their products. This ensures that a company’s customers can easily find an expert’s help for their products. Electronic products are usually very complicated and someone who is not an expert may end up damaging the product even more instead of fixing it. Learning how to solve any problem that a product might be facing is called troubleshooting. There are many people who are born with a natural talent for fixing things, while others have to work hard to attain this skill. You too can become a highly capable technical assistance expert by undergoing CompTIA training.

CompTIA certification is known across the world as an outstanding program for creating troubleshooting experts who are not limited to any specific vendor. The program is not vendor specific and creates technical support experts who can help fix products from several different companies. The CompTIA program mainly deals with providing training for troubleshooting of IT services. When your computer is not working properly or your network is facing problems, and you call your manufacturer’s technical support office, most of the times it is a CompTIA graduate that resolves your problem.

The CompTIA course offers training for a number of products and services. You can opt to become a network expert or a system expert. There are also troubleshooting programs for services like databases. The program offers training for dozens of services and the companies that manufacture these services readily employ most graduates of these programs. The program is also recognised by many companies that provide training specifically for their products. You can undergo CompTIA training and then pursue a related vendor specific course to quickly become a top troubleshooting expert at a leading company.

CompTIA certification is considered proof by many companies that your knowledge about their services is second to none. You will easily find employment with a major company once you have successfully completed this program. The CompTIA course is one of the most comprehensive troubleshooting programs in the world and has helped hundreds of individuals turn into outstanding technical assistance experts. You too will become a very successful technical assistance professional and will enjoy immense respect in the industry.

The Knowledge Academy has been providing outstanding training for the CompTIA certification program since the time the program was offered in the UK. You will be able to master the CompTIA course completely with the help of their very capable faculty. There are many advantages of enrolling with The Knowledge Academy for CompTIA training. You will also benefit from facilities like online classes and flexible timing classes. These classes are conducted in luxury venues spread across the country and you will be able to find a training batch close to where you live. You will also gain access to their extensive study materials which will help you prepare better for the certification exam.


What does a CCNA course involve?


CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is the principle platform that enables you to start learning about computer networks and the sophisticated features and ideas involved with networking. A CCNA certification helps you progress in your IT career. It is one of the most popular and widely accepted IT certification that has been developed by the Cisco systems. Cisco created the CCNA with an aim to identify and analyse the proficiency and capability of the applying candidates in the sphere of network installation and support. The CCNA training provided by The Knowledge Academy Institute enables you to gather the thorough knowledge about networking that assist you in passing the CCNA exam. This training carries the most beneficial and competent way to boost your education and experience in networking.


The CCNA course provided by this institute is fit for the working professionals, fresh graduates with a BSc, BCA, MCA or Engineering degree. Current students who are continuing with their MCA and Engineering studies are also eligible for enrolling for this course. It is not essential to have any kind of previous programming or networking experience. The validity of a CCNA certification lasts for three years. Within the span of these three years, usually, the candidates have to sit for an official recertification exam.  This training covers education and experience in both IP and non-IP networks.


The CCNA course scheduled by The Knowledge Academy Institute constitutes the basic and key concepts and tools related to the recent and future networking technologies. It provides you with the basic structural and informative knowledge on the network design principles, the OSI reference model, the LANs and WANs, Ethernet, VLANs. This includes IP addressing and TCP/IP protocols, BOOTP, RARP, ARP, including the ICMP routers and various routing protocols, bridges, and switches. The fundamental thought behind this training initiative is to enable you to efficiently handle services related to network management and security. It helps you to gain a complete understanding of computer networking and internetworking. The entire course is framed very in a way that helps you to become an effective and efficient networking professional. It covers all the topics that are relevant in the Cisco framed CCNA exams and the course path will help you in future as well.


The CCNA training assists you in becoming a CCNA certified professional and the certification enables you to choose between the career options of being a Network or Systems engineer, a Network Administrator or Programmer/Analyst or an IT Systems Manager or Network technician. The CCNA exam is a 90-minute written exam that has no prerequisites or experience criteria for the candidates.  To get the certification one needs to pass in these exams. The course provided by this institute provides the formal training on networking technologies and helps you boost up your productivity. It enables you to make lesser errors and achieve more of the skills and efficiency and this increases your value and prospects before the employers and customers.  Through the labs you can learn to manage the networking systems. The training is tailored in a manner that helps you in improving the speed, depth and quality of the customer interactions.

October 21 2013


 Applying scrum methodology accurately in the organization through scrum training

Scrum methodology is simple to apply and its speed helps the software developer to work efficiently with it. The scrum methodology stands believes in transparency, inspection and adaptation which helps the scrum to achieve success in meeting the stakeholder’s requirement for the organization. The scrum training will explain will explain how the scrum methodology optimizes the control risk and predictability through iteration and incremental approach. The scrum certification will give you the knowledge of the scrum team member which consists of product owners, scrum master and a development team. An important feature of the scrum team which is explained in details in the scrum training is that it is self organizing and cross functional.

Product owner who is a part of the scrum team is solely responsible for managing the product backlog and he also helps in maximizing the value of the product and performance of the development team. The scrum training will provide you with the understanding of the responsibilities of the product owner. The responsibilities includes the product backlog items, ensuring that the development team performs to its optimum level and also making what to do list transparent so that everybody has the knowledge of their responsibilities. The scrum certification will provide you with the authority to apply the scrum methodology in the organization. The scrum development team consists of few members because it is easy to manage few members rather than handling a big team. It is very important to get the knowledge of the scrum methodology before starting to work in the scrum environment so getting a scrum certification surely will help gain all the relevant knowledge.

The presence of the scrum master makes all the difference between the scrum methodology and traditional methodology. Scrum master is the person responsible to remove all the blocks and hindrances that might come in the way of software development so he must be well trained and must possess the scrum master certification to validate his knowledge about the scrum methodology. The scrum master is also responsible for a transparent communication between the scrum team and the members outside the team helping them understand which of their interactions will help the scrum team and which ones are irrelevant.

The Knowledge Academy provides the scrum master training which generally takes 2 days to complete the course. Once you are done with the training then you will have to appear for the exam and upon clearing the exam you will be awarded with the scrum master certification. When you have a complete idea of the scrum methodology then only you will be able to coach the development team of an organization where the scrum methodology is not adopted yet. The scrum master training is very much important to understand and practice the agility while developing the software as per the stakeholder’s requirement.

The scrum master certification will provide you with the knowledge of implementing the change that is important for increasing the productivity of the scrum team. If you want to work with other scrum master to increase the efficiency of the application of scrum in the organization then first you must yourself go through the scrum master training to have the relevant knowledge of the methodology.


Microsoft providing the basic knowledge of its products through the MCSA certification course

MCSA or the Microsoft Certified System Administrator certification is one of the highly rated certification across the globe. You can only benefit from this MCSA certification and the time you will be investing in the training will only make you richer with the knowledge of the Microsoft products. This certification has almost become a must have for all the professionals who want to make it big in the information technology sector. So without wasting too much time on thinking whether to take the training it is better that you enroll in to the MCSA course and enhance your knowledge and skills. The knowledge never gets wasted and so this knowledge will also be of greater help to you when you will start your career with the MCSA training.

In the training you will be provided with the knowledge of the identifying the usage of the troubleshooting skills which will be apt for solving the relevant issue. You will have to monitor and configure several servers. The MCSA certification will help you in defining the active directory, its hierarchical structured database and how it is used all across the domains. Apart from installing the server the requirements and the components must be installed first so that it can support the installation process. The MCSA training is the best way to get the knowledge of the configuration of the server infrastructure, installing it and helping in migrating from other exchange server or mail systems.

The usage of public folders and virtual servers are well defined in the MCSA course therefore you will be getting full knowledge on how these things work. The certification course describes the use of public folder, how it is created and configured and also managing the email properties for the public folders. The knowledge of configuring the virtual server both front end and back end and distinguishing the virtual servers by their host names are some of the topics that are covered in the MCSA course. You will be enriched with all the knowledge of the Microsoft products when you will be going through the MCSA training from The Knowledge Academy. You will be getting the value of your money as they know how to make you understand the complex topics which will help you clear the exam at one go.

Once you have the MCSA certification you will be rated highly in the professional world and you will be getting higher salary than your seniors even if you have less experience. Experience does make a difference only when it is backed by proper certification so if you don’t have the power of certification then you might lose out on the growth opportunity and it can become quite frustrating too. Identifying the three methods of user authentication will be known to you once you opt for the training. It is always advisable that before going for the certification exam you take a formal training on the subject matter so that you have full grip of the subject and won’t face any difficulty while working with it in your work place efficiently.




The TOGAF Training and Certification degree has come out to be the de facto standard for the management of the EA systems in companies! The Open Group Architectural Framework helps the companies and professionals to beat their non counterparts in the management of the EA management! With the certification degree, the professionals can come out to be gain better return on their investments!

Being a method neutral system for the EA management, the TOGAF Certification degree uses the industry standard notations such as the BPMN, IDEF, UML and DoDAF in order to develop the required model for the management of the EA systems in companies. Using the organizational structure in the development of the hierarchy of the organization, the certification degree is fundamental in relating it to the business locations all over the world.

The TOGAF Certification degree helps the professionals to document the goals and objectives for every organizational unit in the companies. With the goals and objectives in the textual information model, professionals can work on the enablement of the modelling of these artefacts visually.

The Business functions followed by the TOGAF Certified professionals helps the EA managers to model the functions of the business by starting with the high level and then decomposing to the lower levels. This fundamental decomposition can be performed by the professionals by using the functional decomposition diagrams.

As the development of the business architectural models, the professionals can gather the models into architecture building blocks (ABBS’s). These go to define the functionality which needs to be implemented in order to capture the business and their technical requirements. Making the professionals aware of the technology, the EA managers can direct and guide the development of the Solution Building Block for the companies as well. Not only that, the ABB’s in companies can specify the fundamental functionality of the EA systems by making use of the interfaces and then mapping the same into the relevant business goals, objectives and policies to come out and be the best!

The professionals with the TOGAF Certification degree are able to come out build the conceptual as well as logical data models for the data architecture management. The TOGAF Certification helps the professionals to create the underlying data dictionary of the data elements which are independent of any other technology. Also, the certification degree includes the ability to help the professionals to separate the design into the manageable subject areas. These can be used to automatically summarize the number of areas into the subject areas so that there is a master model diagram ready for EA management!

So, when companies all over the world swear by the TOGAF Certification degree, then what are you thinking of? Come out to The Knowledge Academy for your TOGAF Certification degree and training and we will make it simpler for you to gain your certification degree and be the best in the running and management of the EA systems in companies all over the world!



The Software Testing Certification degree is witnessing a greater enrolment in the past couple of years. The certification comes out to be the best in line when it comes to the management of the Software all over the world. The need for the certification degree has seen a drastic increase since the software production industry is witnessing a boom since the last couple of years. When it comes to building the credibility of the company in front of the current and prospective clients, then the companies with the accredited and certified Software Testers are always able to fare better than their non certified counterparts.

The Software Testers attests the level of knowledge which is need for the checking and investigating the software prior to its release in the international market. Gaining the Software Testing Certification degree makes it simpler for the professionals to aim for some of the best paying and high level jobs all over the world.

In a recent survey, it has been found out that the professionals with the Software Testing Certification degree are valued 96% by companies when it comes to the demonstration of the professional capability in their field. Also, around 92% professionals believe that getting the Software Testing Certification degree will help them in gaining the professional recognition which they crave for.

The Software Testers are deemed more valuable to the companies after they have gained the certification degree on a professional level. The certification degree proves to be a great help in the career development and thus, helps the professionals to demonstrate the higher level of professional competency as compared to their non certified counterparts.

Around 300,000 professionals all over the world have taken the Software Testing Certification degree in order to come out as the best in their field. The Software Testing Certification degree is being implemented in more than 50 countries all over the world. When international corporations are adopting the Software Testing Certification degree, then without a doubt it is something to be followed and adapted as well.

Professionals with the certification degree are able to demonstrate their ability to work on the key leaning objectives of the certification degree. With their competency, they are better able to look out for the bugs in the software prior to their release in the international market!

Going in for the Software Testing Training is the first step for the professionals to be prepared for their Certification degree! So, come out to The Knowledge Academy for your Software Testing Training and we will make it simpler for you to gain some of the best jobs all over the world. With the Software Testing Training, the professionals are able to demonstrate their testing knowledge in the practical environment. Also, the certification degree adds the value added topics and the entire major course points in order to reinforce the theoretical learning into the practical environment!

Therefore, now is the right time for the companies and professionals to take the Software Testing Training and Certification degree in order to be the best!

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