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What does a CCNA course involve?


CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is the principle platform that enables you to start learning about computer networks and the sophisticated features and ideas involved with networking. A CCNA certification helps you progress in your IT career. It is one of the most popular and widely accepted IT certification that has been developed by the Cisco systems. Cisco created the CCNA with an aim to identify and analyse the proficiency and capability of the applying candidates in the sphere of network installation and support. The CCNA training provided by The Knowledge Academy Institute enables you to gather the thorough knowledge about networking that assist you in passing the CCNA exam. This training carries the most beneficial and competent way to boost your education and experience in networking.


The CCNA course provided by this institute is fit for the working professionals, fresh graduates with a BSc, BCA, MCA or Engineering degree. Current students who are continuing with their MCA and Engineering studies are also eligible for enrolling for this course. It is not essential to have any kind of previous programming or networking experience. The validity of a CCNA certification lasts for three years. Within the span of these three years, usually, the candidates have to sit for an official recertification exam.  This training covers education and experience in both IP and non-IP networks.


The CCNA course scheduled by The Knowledge Academy Institute constitutes the basic and key concepts and tools related to the recent and future networking technologies. It provides you with the basic structural and informative knowledge on the network design principles, the OSI reference model, the LANs and WANs, Ethernet, VLANs. This includes IP addressing and TCP/IP protocols, BOOTP, RARP, ARP, including the ICMP routers and various routing protocols, bridges, and switches. The fundamental thought behind this training initiative is to enable you to efficiently handle services related to network management and security. It helps you to gain a complete understanding of computer networking and internetworking. The entire course is framed very in a way that helps you to become an effective and efficient networking professional. It covers all the topics that are relevant in the Cisco framed CCNA exams and the course path will help you in future as well.


The CCNA training assists you in becoming a CCNA certified professional and the certification enables you to choose between the career options of being a Network or Systems engineer, a Network Administrator or Programmer/Analyst or an IT Systems Manager or Network technician. The CCNA exam is a 90-minute written exam that has no prerequisites or experience criteria for the candidates.  To get the certification one needs to pass in these exams. The course provided by this institute provides the formal training on networking technologies and helps you boost up your productivity. It enables you to make lesser errors and achieve more of the skills and efficiency and this increases your value and prospects before the employers and customers.  Through the labs you can learn to manage the networking systems. The training is tailored in a manner that helps you in improving the speed, depth and quality of the customer interactions.

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