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The TOGAF Training and Certification degree has come out to be the de facto standard for the management of the EA systems in companies! The Open Group Architectural Framework helps the companies and professionals to beat their non counterparts in the management of the EA management! With the certification degree, the professionals can come out to be gain better return on their investments!

Being a method neutral system for the EA management, the TOGAF Certification degree uses the industry standard notations such as the BPMN, IDEF, UML and DoDAF in order to develop the required model for the management of the EA systems in companies. Using the organizational structure in the development of the hierarchy of the organization, the certification degree is fundamental in relating it to the business locations all over the world.

The TOGAF Certification degree helps the professionals to document the goals and objectives for every organizational unit in the companies. With the goals and objectives in the textual information model, professionals can work on the enablement of the modelling of these artefacts visually.

The Business functions followed by the TOGAF Certified professionals helps the EA managers to model the functions of the business by starting with the high level and then decomposing to the lower levels. This fundamental decomposition can be performed by the professionals by using the functional decomposition diagrams.

As the development of the business architectural models, the professionals can gather the models into architecture building blocks (ABBS’s). These go to define the functionality which needs to be implemented in order to capture the business and their technical requirements. Making the professionals aware of the technology, the EA managers can direct and guide the development of the Solution Building Block for the companies as well. Not only that, the ABB’s in companies can specify the fundamental functionality of the EA systems by making use of the interfaces and then mapping the same into the relevant business goals, objectives and policies to come out and be the best!

The professionals with the TOGAF Certification degree are able to come out build the conceptual as well as logical data models for the data architecture management. The TOGAF Certification helps the professionals to create the underlying data dictionary of the data elements which are independent of any other technology. Also, the certification degree includes the ability to help the professionals to separate the design into the manageable subject areas. These can be used to automatically summarize the number of areas into the subject areas so that there is a master model diagram ready for EA management!

So, when companies all over the world swear by the TOGAF Certification degree, then what are you thinking of? Come out to The Knowledge Academy for your TOGAF Certification degree and training and we will make it simpler for you to gain your certification degree and be the best in the running and management of the EA systems in companies all over the world!

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