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The PMP Certification Exam has helped changed lives over the course of the past couple of years. Professionals all over the world have been able to get some of the best jobs due to the PMP Certification degree. The Certification exam, based on the PMBOK guide is extensive and makes the professionals ready to implement the theoretical concepts of project management into the real life environment in companies all over the world.

The PMP Certification Exam is made available to the project management professionals globally by the PMI (Project Management Institute). The PMI comes out to be the large body for the project management all over the world, and therefore, provides the companies and professionals with the comprehensive yet, standard based system for project management. Project management professionals use the PMP Certification degree in order to better align themselves with the best practices in companies all over the world. The Certification degree is accredited against the internationally recognized ISO 17024 standards.

The PMP Certification degree brings in the use of the delineation study in order to pave the way for the identification of the knowledge, tasks and the skills which are required in order to get the role of the project manager under the way. Not only that, the certification degree provides the professionals with the tools and skills for defining of the role in the leading and direction of projects. The professionals are able to use their experience as well as the resources for the completion of the projects within the constraints of time.

The latest change in the PMP Certification Exam has brought out the reduction of the six domains to just five. Also, the distribution of the five domains too has been altered. The total number of questions to be attempted by the professionals will be 200. In addition to that, there will be 25 pre test questions to be answered, which will not be accounted for, in the final score of the exam. The success of the professionals in clearing the certification exam will be totally dependent on the ability to answer 175 questions out of 200 totals.

The questions are meant to check the proficiency of the professionals in the tasks, knowledge, skills as well as tools for the project management. Also, professionals are supposed to answer the cross cutting knowledge and skill based questions for the management of multiple tasks and domains at the same time.

Today, more than 3 million professionals all over the world hold the PMP Certification degree and are practicing it in their companies. When professionals gain the certification degree, then they come out to be a more favourable candidate as compared to their counterparts and therefore, have a better chance of getting some of the best jobs!

So, come out to The Knowledge Academy for your PMP Training right now and we are going to make sure that you are able to clear your certification degree exam and be the best!


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