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COBIT Training
To ensure that the business requirements for information are being met, an organization needs to define and implement adequate control measures. Otherwise, it will not be possible for it to make certain that the information that it gets matches the characteristics of what it requires. This is exactly where the necessity of a sound framework of IT control objectives occurs. The COBIT Framework can effectively address this need. COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology, which has been created by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) for efficient IT management and IT governance. It has become an in effect measure for IT governance, IT risk management, IT controls and compliance across the world. 
For successful implementation of the COBIT Framework, an organization solicits the services of a workforce that has undergone the requisite training in COBIT. Therefore, an organization is required to let its workforce undergo the COBIT Training from a reputed training institution. The Knowledge Academy, UK can certainly be contacted to avail the facilities pertaining to the COBIT Training. It is a global organization having a widespread training channel in different locations across the globe. It has been in this field for many years and has made a significant contribution in creating competent IT leaders and IT managers. The Knowledge Academy has got a high-tech training infrastructure and seasoned trainers in place to make certain that the candidates develop a profound understanding of the COBIT Framework. 
In view of the ongoing changes taking place in the field of IT, the COBIT Framework acts as a cornerstone for effective progress within the same. Factually, COBIT is an evolutionary framework derived from the research work conducted by International IT, business, risk, security and assurance professionals for 15 years. COBIT is the perfect prototype of what an IT governance and management framework should be. The first edition of COBIT was released in the year 1996. With some additions, its second edition was released in the year 1998. It was followed by the launch of its third version that took place in the year 2000. The fourth edition of COBIT has been quite popular across the world, which was initially released in 2005. However, in the year 2007, the fourth edition of COBIT was revised and was introduced as COBIT 4.1. The latest update in COBIT was made in the year 2012 with the release of its fifth version that is COBIT 5.
The implementation of the COBIT 5 Framework through the COBIT Training will help the organizations attain an increased level of security and control. The COBIT 5 framework also facilitates the development of a business-focused IT function, helping the organizations to make better IT decisions. To initiate the process of COBIT Training, the candidates are advised to get into the COBIT Foundation program. It is a three day program that helps the candidates to learn about the need for an IT governance framework and how COBIT addresses this need. The said program also enables the candidates to start the process of the implementation of COBIT in an appropriate manner.

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